Colloidal Silver, The Alternative Treatment

One of the most popular alternative treatment methods nowadays is colloidal silver. There has been a lot of literature written about its health benefits. If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for information on where to buy colloidal silver.

The first logical answer to the question 'where to buy colloidal silver?' is health food stores. However, not all health food stores have colloidal silver in stock. It is a fairly new alternative treatment method and not all stores carry it. It is best that you check the larger health food store chains for it. You can easily check if your local health food store stocks colloidal silver before visiting them; this will save you a lot of time and hassle.

If there is not colloidal silver available at the local food store, then it's time that you do a little research on where to buy colloidal silver. Your first source of information is, of course, health magazines.

Most of these magazines carry advertisements of colloidal silver; they are a good source of information as they normally check the credibility of the brands and products they represent in their magazine. You can find health magazines everywhere, bookstores and newsstands carry them.

If you don't have time to search for a magazine, you can always use the internet to find information where to buy colloidal silver. A lot of colloidal silver manufacturers use the internet to promote their products as it reaches a lot more potential customers than magazines and news prints. Even health food stores have an online database of the products they carry which you can check. You can also check their prices online, making it easy to check and compare prices.
Once you find information on where to buy colloidal silver, here are some other factors you should always consider.

* Only buy colloidal silver supplements from credible dealers and stores.
* Make sure that the bottle is a dark colour, preferably dark blue, to ensure that the silver colloid is protected from bright sunlight and UV rays. The silver is photo sensitive and will darken if this precaution is not taken.
* Read the label. It is important that you make sure that only pure silver and distilled water is used in the supplement.
* Avoid products that have other additives or flavorings - these are not necessary and can lead to deterioration over time.
* The product should come with a literature or data sheet to give you all the relevant information on the product for the colloidal silver.
* Shelf life: If the above recommendations are followed then your product will keep quite satisfactorily for a long time , certainly well over a year
* You can keep your bottle in a fridge but don't freeze it. It is quite satisfactory to keep it in your bathroom or kitchen. It does not need any special storage.
* There are many different concentrations of product some are clear and others yellow or greenish. As long as they are only pure silver and distilled water then there won't be much difference.
* I would just say one thing; it is possible to get a super silver solution having a very high level of silver. This has been used specifically and with great effect for severe and serious infections and will give up to 100 times more available silver than the conventional silver colloid. The lower concentrations of conventional silver colloid are not always reported as being effective enough.

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