Children and Colostrum

We started to conduct a study to test if our colostrum strawberry chewables for children would be able to reduce infectious diseases with the children being in a crowded setting. Our work was done in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a daycare there and a doctor. However, due to the following situation, the study was not completed.

Hunter Shepherd, a little 18 month old boy.

You see, Hunter, one of the participants in the study, was constantly sick. By the time he was 18 months old, he lived constantly with two sets of tubes in his ears for drainage due to chronic middle ear infections. He had never slept through the night. One of Hunters close relatives was a pediatrician who offered to provide medical care for the child. So health care costs were not a problem. Yet, perhaps as a result of this well-intentioned relative, Hunter had been given just about every antibiotic known to humankind. Unfortunately, this, shall we say, abundance and overuse of antibiotics only served to further weaken his immune function.

Within three days of starting on first-milking colostrum, Hunter was sleeping through the night. Within seven days, the fluid buildup in, and drainage from, his ears, nose and back of throat had ceased. It was a miracle to Hunters parents, but, frankly, its what we expect from a first-milking colostrum formula. It was almost as if he had been given a vaccination against middle ear and other common childrens infections. No wonder some health experts call colostrum the universal vaccine!

More happened than just this though.

Hunter was not the only one experiencing similar effects. We had some children on the colostrum strawberry chewables, and some children were on a placebo chewable. Two months after we started our study, parents of the placebo chewable said the children receiving the colostrum strawberry chewables did not have any allergies, flu, colds or other respiratory problems. The parents also said the children, whom they thought were receiving the colostrum strawberry chewables, were happier, had better listening skills and longer attention spans.

The placebo chewables children's parents strongly requested to know which children were on the colostrum chewables and the placebo chewables. After finding out their children were not on the colostrum chewables, they demanded their children receive the colostrum chewables or they would leave the daycare. We did not want to be liable for the daycare losing half their children, so we gave all the children the strawberry colostrum chewables and ended the study.

Colostrum and Children

The story points up the wonderfully important immune benefits of quality first-milking colostrum for all children. We usually think of as colostrum as important for the newborn and it definitely is. But consumption by humans of part of the colostrum produced when a dairy animal gives birth is an established tradition in many traditional societies to improve peoples health. Modern researchers also recognize the multitude of immune factors in firstmilking colostrum protect children of all ages (as well as adults) from infectious maladies.

There are researchers in Guatemala City, Guatemala at the Center for Studies of Sensory Impairment, Aging and Metabolism who are looking into how colostrum can protect and help children who are malnourished.

Children who are living in deprived conditions are in such need that immediate public health assistance is required. These children living in developing countries suffer from proper development, growth and health. Their need for nutrition improvement and morbidity reduction is urgently needed. If protozoal colonization, diarrhoeal episodes and balancing intestinal microflora could be decreased, then that would be an appropriate goal and starting place. Bovine colostrum is becoming more readily available, continuous and stable due to advances in the food technology industry for dairying, says researchers from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August 2002 issue.

Prescription for Healthy Children Children truly benefit from first-milking colostrum. Our strawberry chewables make taking colostrum easy. Dont think of colostrum, however, as simply a nutritional supplement. Rather, think of it as a whole food concentrate, for thats truly what our first-milking colostrum is. If your child has recurrent respiratory illnesses, middle ear infections or too many other common infectious maladies such as colds or flu, you will be so happy to see his or her health improve with our strawberry colostrum chewables. Dosage"Have your child chew two or three of our strawberry-flavored chewables daily. Availability"TBR Labs Strawberry Chewable Colostrum is available at natural health centers and from health professionals. If you have any trouble finding a source for it, you can visit