Angular Cheilosis is Embarrassing and Painful

Someone who has suffered angular cheilosis in the past knows how much it difficult, painful, and embarrassing it is to have. Because it is situated in the only part of our body that is always exposed to the outside world, and to all the people that we meet, it can rather have a very negative effect for any body's psyche - most especially our self-esteems. It starts out simply as little patches of dried skin, and not worth our immediate attention. Days later its already progressed into deep cracks and painful sores that may any movement extremely painful. Then you begin to panic and wonder what is happening to your mouth.

What you may already have is a full blown case of angular cheilosis, also known as angular cheilitis, angular stomatitis, or perleche. The first stage - the dry lips and slight cracking, is but a warning of what impending danger is about to come. What makes this condition so frustrating to have is that it greatly affects most of our every day normal function such as, talking, eating, smiling, and laughing. Though not life-threatening it can be hard on a person's self-esteem.

For children and teenagers who have it can mean some form of ridicule or teasing from friends and playmates, that could lead to the victim to become withdrawn, and socially scarred if not addressed properly. For adults and the elderly, it could mean embarrassing and awkward moments with office mates, friends, and neighbors, and to a limited social life and half-hearted interaction with family members.

One of the most distinguishing and prominent features of a person is the face. When the mouth is covered with hideous sores, cracks, and red rashes, its hard to find the courage to approach, much less talk to that person without giving way to some form of revulsion, pity, or wariness. Its only understandable to do so, but in all fairness to anyone who has fallen victim to this chronic condition, its not highly contagious and shouldn't be cause for undue alarm.

Angular cheilosis caught at its early stages - slight dryness and minor cracking of the skin on the lips, can be prevented into becoming advanced and full-blown cases where the presence blood, skin rashes, and infected sores can end up with more excruciating pain and discomfort that could last from weeks or months - depending on the treatment being administered, and to how the victim responds to the medicines.

Slight dryness of the lips can be addressed with applying a medicated lip balm. Sometimes early treatment can keep the problem from escalating. With a poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle, you may need vitamin supplements to boost your immune system.