A Marijuana Dispensary – What Would Dan Qualye Say?

Only a few weeks ago the federal government in essence legalized pot smoking found in the marijuana dispensary venice. The leader of the most powerful country in the world announce that the federal government would no longer prosecute people who smoked pot for medicinal purposes. Now all those sick pot smokers can light up without fear from the feds.

The federal law supersedes the state law allowing pot smokers to use their medical need as an excuse to buy pot and to get high. But because the leader of the most powerful country in the world declared that the feds would no longer enforce the federal law in states president pot use for medicinal reasons the pot smokers are now free to get high without fear because our leader will now not allow the federal cops to interfere with "sick" people's right to get high in order to soothe their "pain."

Listen I am familiar with the pain that pot cures. It is called the pain of living in the real world with a sober state of mind. We live in a tough world if we have a job. We have demanding bosses and difficult co-workers. It is easy to have a lot of pain from eight hours of that sort of torment.

So who could blame someone for relying on a little medicine like pot to stop the pain? And if you are a student we all know how unreasonable some teachers can be and how tough those tests and quizzes can be. Who could blame a student to be sick of school? And who can blame a student who needs a little medicine now and again. His medicine of choice might come in the form of a pot joint or a bong hit. But hey he is only following doctor's orders. And there are no shortages of docs who will write prescriptions for a monthly dose of pot.

I read an article years ago. It was a fictional piece that had the then vice president Dan Quayle now serving as president of the U. S. Dan Quayle as president was signing the bill to make drugs like pot legal. He said as he signed it, "all right lets give it a try." The writer was no doubt one of the many political writers who questioned the intelligence of the then vice president. The article then went on to predict the horrendous results of the decision to legalize drugs like pot.

Such articles were one of many that kept Quayle from even considering a presidential run. He would have been laughed out of the race before the first primary. Those who hated his conservative stand were sure to smear him as an inept politician. And the article portraying him as thinking legalizing illegal drugs as a worthwhile experiment was one way he was depicted as unqualified to be our leader.

However today think our current leader is highly intelligent. He has for all intents and purposes made pot, a once illegal drug, legal. Do not talk about the medicinal qualification, that is only a weak facade. A small piece of paper from an agreeable doc is all that is needed to get high legally.

I wonder where the writer is who mocked Quayle with his article for legalizing pot? Perhaps since they think our present leader is so intelligent that they too are now saying, "all right, let's give it a try.