Life Is Simpler If You Know The Side Effects Of Creatine

It is not everyday that you come across someone who knows about creatine. And even though they might actually use it and know it in a general sense this general understanding is not enough for them to know about what dangers they're exposing themselves to. This is why I resorted to writing this article, to inform you of the side effects of creatine.

Creatine is an amino acid that is responsible for the growth of body tissue. It is produced by the kidneys and liver and it is eventually stored up in the muscles. For the most part this storage place for creatine means that it is used as an energy reserve to supply the muscles with strength. Therefore it makes sense that creatine is taken in the form of inorganic supplements that function in exactly the same manner, it's just that the body doesn't make them.

When creatine reaches unmanageable levels in the body what happens is that you can experience muscle cramps. Muscle cramps are mainly triggered by dehydration. Believe it or not but creatine absorbs water. So when there is too much creatine in the body there are certain areas of the body that become dehydrated and that is when muscle cramps are experienced.

Owing to the ability of creatine to absorb water weight gain can be an unforeseeable consequence of having too much creatine in the system. So when creatine is stored in the muscles in excess amounts what eventually happens is that these areas eventually get clogged with water resulting in weight gain.

Diabetes is something that can become an intolerable burden for a person who takes creatine supplements. Normally people who take creatine supplements consume glycemic sugars to promote the easier absorption of creatine. Subsequently sugar levels will be increased significantly to the point where natural body insulin is insufficient to break them down. And when the body ahs excessive sugar a person can trigger diabetes or even worsen it.

In addition to this a person can experience damage to their kidneys; liver; blood vessels and nerves because of diabetes and the body's resistance to insulin. Apart from these kidney stones and heat exhaustion are well known side effects of creatine.