Will Bodybuilding Supplements Force My Body To Gain Weight?

When I started bodybuilding, the first thing I did was buy protein supplements. I thought that they were like some kind of magic formula and that if I just took them I would gain muscle mass fast.

A few weeks later my motivation was almost down to zero as I realized that supplements weren't the magic bullets that I had taken them for. I had really believed that just by taking that extra protein my muscles would start growing massive.

So with weeks of lost and with very low motivation I was back to square 1 again. So I decided that if supplements weren't helping me at this time that I should stop using them and find a different way to increase my size.

I came across one article which stressed the importance of designing a real diet and exercise plan first, before start to use supplements. It didn't sound as attractive as the idea of just taking bodybuilding products and growing massive, but still I thought I'd give it a go.

So I made a start on looking into the best muscle building diets and exercises and putting together my unique plan. I found it quite challenging andvery boring at times, but after a short while I had my workout routine and eating plan up to scratch.

So now that I had my guide, I set out 8 weeks where I would put it to the test. I really didn't have much believe that it was actually going to help me build any muscle, but I was out of ideas so just started to follow it daily.

After using my plan for 14 days, I really couldn't notice any increase in muscle mass at all. But after sticking to my plan for another 4 weeks I packed on 7 pounds of pure muscle!

After I had made these massive gains, I felt ready to begin taking some bodybuilding supplements again to see if I could now build even more muscle with them. And thats when I found out that there is nothing wrong with supplements, you just need to be consuming them whilst doing effective exercise routines and getting the right nutrition from your food.