Why You Need Zinc Supplements

Quick, name 5 minerals important to good health. Was one of them zinc? If, not, it should be. Zinc is one of the most well known because it is the most common. The plants take it directly from the soil they grow in. At least, that used to be true. Now our soil (like us many of us) is undernourished. That means that the soil does not have the zinc it's supposed to have. That means the plants don't have it, and that means we don't either. Zinc supplements are best answer to our current nutritional problem.

What Does Zinc Do?

Zinc does a verity of different things, all essential to good health. It's used by every cell in the body and does some of the following:

Helps raise your immunity so you are better able to fight off everything from Chicken pox to the common cold. That's why people who take zinc are healthier then people who don't.

Zinc also helps in enzyme activity within the body. It actually helps to facilitate cell division so that the body can perform protein and DNA synthesis.

Reproductive health, metabolism, and controlling sugar levels to prevent diabetes, zinc does all of this and more. It's so crucial to life that a healthy life without it is impossible.

Because of its bacterial fighting ability, zinc supplements are commonly used as a natural way to treat acne. It also helps you have healthy, glowing skin.

Supplements And You.

Unlike other minerals and fats, there is nowhere in the body that actually stores zinc for later, even though it's found in trace amounts in the bones and muscles. That means that it's crucial that you get enough zinc each and every day. Food is one way to this, but the best way is to use supplements to get the recommended- mg a day. Of course this amount can vary based on age and gender.

Even though most people reach for a pill to get their zinc, this hardly the best choice. This is because most pills only give you about 10% of your daily recommended allowance. Shocked? Don't be. When you take a pill it has to be broken down in your digestive system before it can be used. However, the zinc particles in a liquid ionic mineral supplement are already broken down as far as they can be. Without this extra step, your body can use the zinc almost instantly. That means you get the amount you should be getting. Ultimately, your body will thank you.