What Is Exactly The Best Way To Lose Fat?

Over the years I've been asked several times what the best way to lose fat is, and whether or not it's an easy process. My usual response is that the best way to lose fat is to reduce calorie intake and increase calories burnt. Most people end up being annoyed because this is basically common sense. Unfortunately most individuals don't put it into action.

Part of the reason for this is that the average person is constantly bombarded with advertisements for fad diets and promises that you can "lose weight eating whatever you want." Honestly, these lame diet ads have done little more than undermine people's confidence in legitimate weight loss programs. So, to set the record straight, I am going to point out some practical advice on the best way to lose fat.

First and foremost you have to clean up your diet. Everything that will pack on the unwanted pounds must be thrown out the window. They are all loaded with tons of empty calories that don't do anything but make you fat. If you can accomplish this, it will definitely be the best way to lose fat.

I also believe that not drinking calories falls into the category of things considered among the best way to lose fat. When you drink beverages that are loaded with calories, you are ingesting calories while providing no solid food to your system. That means you will feel hungry after drinking the calories which, in turn, means you will ingest more calories when you eat. This leads to excess calorie consumption that packs on the pounds.

Once you have gotten a good diet down it will be time to focus on what is important to your health. The first thing in order to burn the fat you are looking for is to make sure that you do some cardio exercise. This will burn off unnecessary fat by raising your heart rate.

It's important that you understand that cardio isn't the funniest of exercises but is something that is imperative to burning fat. Running is not the only thing that is considered cardio, so make sure that you shop around and find the different programs that are out there for you to use. You may find one that is enjoyable which will make you want to work out instead of dreading it.

The next thing that you have to realize is that you need to build lean muscle so working out with weights is also important. Lean muscle burns fat, so having not only a cardio program but setting up a weight lifting program is essential as well. Working out whether it's by running or lifting will boost your metabolism which will help you burn stored fat. Either way you lift, with heavier weights or lighter weights and more reps will help you burn calorie.

And, finally, I have to say consistency is among the most important components to losing weight. You need to make diet and exercise a consistent part of your lifestyle, this will ensure you keep your weight down without any yo-yo effect. Yes, believe it or not, the best way to lose fat is to make healthy living your new lifestyle.

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