What Is A Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator And Why Do Doctors Use Them?

There are a lot of women that use a pregnancy weight gain calculator in order to keep track of their weight gain during this crucial time. It is imperative that women only strive to gain a certain amount of weight during their pregnancy.

A pregnancy weight gain calculator is probably one of the most crucial tools that a woman can use during the time when she is carrying her child. Most doctors will tell women that gaining a mere ten to fifteen pounds is normal while the woman is pregnant. But, there is a time frame when gaining too much weight can hurt the mother as well as her unborn baby.

Women that refuse to use a pregnancy weight gain calculator during their pregnancies, have no idea about the immediate danger that they are putting their bodies and their babies in. Not only can women have problems when they are carrying their child, they will also have problems when they are giving birth to their child as well.

Doctors will use a weight gain calculator of their own, whenever a pregnant woman enters their office. These calculators are designed to let doctors correctly evaluate each woman's case. However, there are also calculators that women can use on their own in order to keep track of their own weight gain, while they are in their homes.

All women need to take their weight gain seriously when they are carrying a child. Women that do not think that weight gain is a big deal during their pregnancy increase the chance of contracting a variety of conditions such as gestational diabetes and a condition commonly referred to as preeclampsia.

Remember, that your health during your pregnancy will affect your unborn fetus's health as well. All women want to be able to give birth to a healthy baby. Therefore, it is imperative that all pregnant women not only keep track of their weight, but that they also try to keep track of what they are eating and engage in some type of exercise while they are pregnant as well.