What Are Some Negative Acai Berry Side Effects?

When I first heard about the number one super food known as acai berry I wanted to discover what the negative acai berry side effects were. After all these berries are regarded very highly by the Brazilians and those who make the berries a regular part of their diets live longer than those who do not.

Actually the berry itself has no negative side effects. At least no more than any fruit would have. So the problem comes in any kind of preservative or added ingredients that it might be processed with. It needs to be packaged and processed correctly but you do need to know what is in the supplement you are taking.

The problem comes from the very short shelf life of the acai berry pulp. It has to be harvested and processed in a very short time frame other wise it will rot before it can be useful for us. Of course if it is not processed correctly you will not have the same great benefits that the Brazilians living in the remote villages will have.

As you know the acai berry has been hyped up to help you to lose weight, and it does work. However, make sure that the supplement you are taking has all natural ingredients in it and no artificial additives. The top acai berry supplement that I have found is not packed full of man-made ingredients and has been very beneficial for me.

Even though there are no known negative acai berry side effects it is loaded with positive side effects. One of my favorites is the fact that it enhances the libido as it increases the testosterone levels stimulating the libido in both male and female. The Brazilians swear by the stuff in this area of their lives.

A major Southern University has done an intensive scientific study of the acai berry and found that it destroyed many cultured cancer cells. That is certainly a good thing. Along with that finding they also found that the berry has many other beneficial things like amino acids and essential fats that our bodies need.

One of the reasons I began taking the acai berry supplement was because my cholesterol and triglyceride levels were off the chart. And when I say off the chart I mean way up there. I knew that I had to do something so a change in diet and acai berry supplement and I have been able to lower it considerably. Of course there are no guarantees that you will do the same but it is a benefit of acai.

I have been taking acai berry for quite some time now and can really tell that it has been a benefit for me. I have cut away some extra pounds, my cholesterol levels have balanced out and I have more drive. I love the stuff and will continue to take it.