Expert WordPress Review

Expert WordPress, create a blog system was released in September of 2008 as coordinated effort of two partners and in this product review we will take a closer look at inner workings and help you determine if this product is beneficial to you or not.

While anyone can build a WordPress blog these days, creating an online business using blog as primary web presence can be quite challenging not only from technical and design perspective but also in terms of overcoming the learning curve. This is where Expert WordPress comes in as it allows you to create a blog even if you are complete technical novice.

Product Name: Expert WordPress

Product Type: Compiled blog system with custom theme and Streaming Video Tutorials

Value for The Money: Exceptional.

Expert WordPress Product Details

What exactly do you get as part of Expert WordPress package?

  • Complete WordPress blog system with all the best plugins tested for compatibility by the blogging pros and fully installed, activated and configured for you in One Simple Step. The system that allows you to create a blog in simplest way currently available is praised by many bloggers and take just few minutes to fully get you up and running
  • Custom theme that allows you to customize pretty much every aspect of your blog presentation without knowing anything about the coding, html, css or any other technical stuff - just point and choose. Theme solves one of the biggest problems many bloggers face - create custom look without much effort and be able to modify it at will.
  • Several professionally created Niche Headers. Your presentation greatly depends on nice header that your blog presents to the visitors. Professional images can cost you anywhere from $20 to $200 per header and you get couple dozen of them as part of the package, created by pros.
  • Several hours of Video Tutorials (40+ videos) in screen presentation format that will take you by the hand and will walk you through every step of the task you need to complete. Entire training process is split by the modules and each module cover specific aspect of blogging: Content, Monetization, Traffic, Maintenance, Webmastering and much more! With a huge number of videos available - you simply need to see them.
  • Bonus Videos and Products that are not some useless stuff but something you can actually use to even more benefit from them product. Since they are not main aspect of the product - I'll not attempt to cover it here. Just see the sales page for details.
  • Unprecedented Support provided by the partners behind the product and includes a full help desk system with very fast replies and a Customers Forums that allows you to get additional help, learn more and mingle

Pricing And Value

So, how much would it set you back if you decide to create blog using Expert WordPress system? Or better yet - what should you expect on the back end and will be it be worth your money?

Product is priced at 2 different levels and designed to address to main target groups: more accomplished bloggers and Internet Marketers who simply look for speed and simplicity provided but the package and newbie bloggers and online business owners who need more detailed information:

  1. Expert WordPress Gold priced at $27 and is the base product you can purchase on the main sales page. This is the core package that comes with full blog system, several videos that show you how to install it and work with including videos covering all the unique features of the system. This package assumes you already have good idea how to drive traffic and monetize it as you will not get access to those tutorials.
  2. Expert WordPress Platinum is your all out blogging guide of the year! This is where you get access to every video and every ounce of knowledge you can possibly need to become successful blogger. The only way you fail when using this system is by NOT following what you are provided with. And while it comes with appropriate price tag - $167, it is still cheaper that ANY other comparable system that doesn't give you even tenth of what you get with this package. But fear not! Action Takers are presented with One Time Offer to upgrade to Platinum Level at only $97 on first login only! Don't miss this chance and be sure to read the offer fully as you will not get second shot at it.

Whatever level you decide to go with - you can't go wrong. This product is simplest to use and if using blogging to earn online, add more Web 2.0 style interracton to your existing online business or add extra income by sharign something you already enjoy - this product has it all and delivers on its promise!