Useful Info About Creatine Supplements

It has been more than ten years, but I do remember the very first time that I gave it a try.

I was hoping that it would bring me the huge muscle gains advertised in so many magazines and advertisements, and many friends of mine were keen to the idea of using it too.

When compared with taking something artificial that might promise that mass would be built, taking creatine, which is a natural protein already produced by the body, does not seem as dangerous.

Ok, we will compare both the pros and cons associated with creatine since arguments could be made for both of them. When all is said and done, you will make the final decision regarding if it's right for you. Looking to the positive side of this, your muscles are going to recover faster when taking it; this has been scientifically proven. So what exactly does that mean?

You'll essentially be able to lift weights for longer without getting tired like you normally would. This leads to both gains in strength, as well as increases in lean muscle mass since the extra effort you're putting into your workouts will help to build mass.

Put simply, creatine definitely works. You will need to make sure that you work out regularly to realize the full impact of this supplement, or else you'll be wasting your time. On the negative side of things, it's known to dehydrate you. Therefore, it's definitely recommended that you drink significantly more water than usual when you're in the middle of a creatine cycle.

There are some people who believe that, because of the water weight that is added from taking the supplement, many of the gains you make are because of this. They also feel that they look bloated because of that. It is true that your body is going to retain more water when you are taking it, but that is not the whole story. Both muscle and water weight combined is what you will be putting on, so, no matter what, you are still going to have the results to show for it.

When all is said and done, the decision as to which way to go ultimately rests in your hands.

You may want to try it out in moderation to see if it is something you would want to commit to in larger portions.