Tongkat Ali Experts Meet Kilham

Chris Kilham earned his reputation as an expert about herbal remedies. He earned that reputation by personally experiencing the medications and exploring their almost mythical pasts. When Tongkat Ali was recommended to Kilham by a friend, he was impressed. So, off to Malaysia he went.

Kilham arranged to accompany three natives who set out to dig out the three meter vertical root of the Eurycoma Longifolia, a colorful tree indigenous to southeast Asia. Kilham quickly realized the age-old harvesting practice was back-breaking work in the steamy heat of the rain forest.

The roots were transported to Kuala Lampur for state-of-the-art extraction. The Malaysian government has invested heavily in the manufacture of Tongkat Ali Extract. Facilities now utilize the most advanced equipment to cleanse, heat and dry the herbal extract. Manufacturers now deliver the finished product at different extraction strengths in powder, liquid, capsule or tablet form.

Dr. Johari Saad

Dr. Johari Saad is the most experienced tester of Tongkat Ali. Most of Johari's tests have been performed on animals, but recently he has launched important studies on men and women.

Research on humans are substantiating the doctor's findings and dispelling much of the misinformation posted on the Internet. Even Kilham, who is a user of the Tongkat Ali Extract, is unimpressed with the many false claims made by unproven distributors who are anxious to cash in on the recent increase in demand.

After meeting with Johari, Kilham was convinced that Tongkat Ali is a scientifically studied plant. Johari's substantiated research has led him to believe that Tongkat Ali Extract has many benefits, including:

* More free testosterone * More bound testosterone * Increased energy * Increased muscle mass * High blood pressure deterrent * Relief from dysentery * Protection against fever * Anti-cancer and anti-viral phytochemicals * Anti-oxidants slow aging process

Dr. Ismail Tamby Talks Testosterone

Kilham was also fortunate to meet Dr. Ismail Tamby, who leads the Human Reproduction Specialist Center in Kuala Lampur. Tamby is the foremost authority on Tongkat Ali, having tested the all-natural testosterone builder on both humans and animals. Tamby maintains that in all his testing a common thread was that the serum level of testosterone increased when the extract was ingested on a regular basis.

Interestingly, Tamby has performed many tests on men and women. He is convinced that the testosterone level of men who used the extract enjoyed heightened libido as a side effect of the herb. "I have seen this result myself and can say that this plant really works," said Tamby.

Although women use about 15 percent of the testosterone as men, it remains an important hormone in the female sexual cycle. Tambi emphasized that women in the southeast Asian culture have used Tongakt Ali to improve sex for thousands of years.

Tamby recently enrolled 30 men in a Tongkat Ali test. Each participant agreed to participate in a coinciding fitness program. Tamby only used 1:100 composition. The group achieved the following results:

* 91 percent showed improved libido * 73 percent enjoyed improved sexual function * 82 percent benefited from an improved psychological approach to sex

When Kilham left for Malaysia, he sought the truth. After all the tests the doctor has performed, his assurance that Tongkat Ali Extract really works inspired Kilham, who discussed the extract with Dr. Oz on his March 24th television show. Oz and Kilham hailed Tongkat Ali Extract as the best of the all-natural herbal "better sex" remedies.