Three Benefits of Acai Berries

A palm tree native to South and Central America grows acai berries. This particular fruit reminds us of a date by having a large seed in the center and a pulpy outer layer. It is within the pulp that all the benefits exist.

Antioxidants As we all know, antioxidants may be one of the most powerful cancer fighters available in nature. Antioxidants abound in the acai berry. Among the beneficial ingredients found in both the juice and freeze-dried samples of acai are anthocyanins as well as a dozen different flavonoid-like compounds.

Inhibiting COX-1 and COX-2 Freeze dried acai berry power has been shown to have some ability to inhibit the production and effects of COX-1 and COX-2. These enzymes are strongly related to early cancer diagnoses and only turn up in mutant cells.

This same power was shown through extensive extra research that it was able to decrease the reproduction rate of experimental cells of leukemia. This kind of research is good for people having a family based tendency for the disease as a possible source of preventative medicine.

Heart Health Acai berries are high in natural fiber and mono-unsaturated fats and also contain oleic acid. Combined with their shot of protein, these little fruits are a powerhouse of cardiac nutrition. Already well-favored by athletes, amateur and professional, acais popularity is quickly spreading to the masses. Adding acai to a regimen of heart healthy exercise and eating may produce even better results.

With the increasing interest in acai it is especially important to purchase your products from a reliable source. Scams abound as people try to cash in on this new trend. Buy acai products only from reputable websites and take the time to find out what percent of your purchase actually comes from the berry.