The Truth About Liquid Fish Oil

You could have probably heard that the omega 3 fatty acids found in liquid fish oil have a variety of health advantages, and are wondering if you ought to start supplementing as well. Whereas overall fish oil is a good thing, there are some situations where it is not recommended. Also, supplementing yourself and not using a physician's recommendation can be dangerous if you have an present health condition. Learn on to discover whether or not liquid fish oil is an effective alternative for you.

Toxins There's a concern with toxicity relating to liquid fish oil. We all know that certain species of fish contain high ranges of mercury and other toxins, and to eat bigger fish not more than once per month. In case you are pregnant, you should avoid fish and fish products entirely.

Most liquid fish oil is constituted of smaller fish who would not have large toxin levels, and is mostly considered safe. Nevertheless, if you are concerned then you should search for fish oil that has been highly purified. In case you are pregnant, check together with your physician first.

Your Blood In case you are on a blood thinner like Aspirin or Warfarin, liquid fish oil can up your threat of nosebleeds and blood in your urine. Fish oil is an anticoagulant, so when you have any type of bleeding disorder, ensure you get the okay form your physician before you start supplementing.

Blood Pressure Do you have hypotension, or low blood pressure? Then liquid fish oil is probably not a good selection for you. Fish oil is well-known for lowering blood pressure. Even if you tend to have a lower blood pressure, check with your doctor to guarantee that fish oil is safe for you to take.

Vitamin Overload many liquid fish oils are enriched with added vitamins, the most common one being Vitamin E as it acts as a preservative. The problem arises because using enriched fish oil can, actually, cause your own body's reserves of the vitamin to run out. Many liquid fish oils, like cod liver oil, include a lot of Vitamin A which might become toxic if taken in too high amounts. If you're pregnant or have kidney or liver problems, be certain that your liquid fish oil does not have added Vitamin A, and select salmon or other sort of fish oil over cod liver oil.