The Many Medicinal Qualities Of Deer Antler

The medicinal uses for velvet deer antler were a mystery to molecular science until its properties were examined more closely in scientific labs in the 1970's. Doctors and healers of Russian and Asian cultures have been using the substance as a body support and cure for over two thousand years. Today, velvet deer antlers are processed into a pill form to be taken in doses from various health companies. So what uses can velvet antler perform for the body?

Before scientific analysis, velvet antlers were used as a kind of cure all by Chinese physicians. It was used to treat reproductive issues, especially in males, as the deer was seen as the animal with the most polar Yang (masculine) energy. It was the main ingredient in treating over fifty ailments and diseases, and is still the second most commonly used healing supplement in Asia.

What was once a remedy taken on the belief in life energies and traditions has recently been proven true. Because deer grow their antlers so rapidly in the spring, the cartilage comprising is full of a certain type of growth hormone. It is the same kind lost after the end of puberty in humans, and can be reintroduced to the body to help promote healthy cell replication. This is the main reason it is useful in the fight against cancer.

The tests invariably proved antler's strength as a solid support for cell reproduction, and for this ability, scientists believed it could be useful for the treatment of hospital patients. Indeed, the compound they formulated contained all of the cell-health benefits they hoped for by increasing post-operative patients' rate of healing, and maintaining their muscle mass while resting for long periods of time.

Tissue growing chemicals within antler have also been shown to aid the body's synovial membranes. They are the fluid filled sacs that keep the bones from grinding against each other and pinching nerves. Many forms of arthritis are caused by issues with the cells in the synovial membranes of joints, causing painful rubbing of the bones. Velvet antlers have been proven to have immense healing effects on these joint membranes, relieving pain through repair instead of shutting off pain receptors like most drugs.

Athletes can also find a great use for the antler's capacity to be an anti-inflammatory, as tested by the Russians who developed the hospital compound discovered. While showing mental and physical stamina higher than non-treated groups, athletes were able to push their bodies further than they ever had before. In modern times, many athletes, including the Olympians of the major countries, take antler powder as a part of their routine preparation to perform their sports.

As science continues to derive positive values from natural substances such as velvet antler, business arise that are more than willing to cater to the world. Shipping of antler powder and capsule form supplements are available to the world, providing people with the added health boosts such as greater immunity, lowered risk of heart attack, and quicker wound healing.

A growing number of the world's populace is becoming aware of numerous natural effects and enhancements deer antler can give them, growing the businesses that harvest and sell it. An expanding list of health problems are known to be aided by the presence of antler in the body, and with a greater availability than ever before, the rest of the world can share in this ancient medicinal wisdom of the east.