The Honest Agel Review

It is absolutely amazing the sheer amount of individual MLM companies out there right now specializing in health and wellness products and industry. This makes it even harder to determine what is a true scam or not, that is what this Agel review really digs into.

Firs, let's review what Agel Enterprises is all about. It actually is a MLM company is based in Provo, Utah, and was founded by Glen Jensen in March 2005. When you look at their website this online MLM company is just like any other typical MLM business in the sense that it uses independent distributors to sell their different health and wellness products. They have opened in 12 different countries, and have now grown from that number to over 40 total markets in the industry. This is probably one of the main reasons why this company has propelled itself into being a major player in the whole health and wellness industry.

They actually has a number of products that they are pushing for in their health and wellness product line. They have the Ohm, which is a product designed to give your body some energy when it needs it, the Min, which acts just like a multivitamins in the sense that it provides your body with vitamins and minerals, Exo, which is a product with antioxidant properties used to help clean your system, and Fit, which is a product designed to help you control your appetite.

But, what makes their product line uniquely different from Agel Enterprises is that they deliver their nutrients with something known as gelceuticals. Theirs is the first product of its kind that delivers nutrients in a readily absorbed form right into the body. When you look into it thought, they are one of the first ones that really where able to figure out how to deliver the nutrients in gel form.

Now, let's review the compensation plan. Basically, it's compensation plan involves a lot factors, such as maximum payouts, kickers, qualifications and others, however, the main platform for you to earn some money would actually be based on the revenue stream that you will be able to generate for the company when you do decide to invest in it. The more people you bring in, then the higher percentage on commissions you will be able to get.

So what does this Agel review rate this company as? Scam or no? Agel Enterprise seems to be a great MLM company to invest your money in. It has a good and solid product line, all of which are very easy to market, and its compensation plan is the same with most MLM companies. Plus, it also has a Wealth Funnel System that would allow you to get all of your money back if you are not satisfied with it.

But, let me caution you in that one will see time and time again from Agel distributors is that they really lack any clear plan or skills in how to market their business or product. True marketing really gets into how to find a group that already wants and needs what you are offering whether it is a business, or a product line, and doesn't rely on convincing anyone to buy your stuff.

Especially today, if one learns what it takes to learn to tap into the internet and get yourself in front of a very targeted group of prospects, you can really almost write your own check in this business. Think of it in terms of how many millions of people turn to the internet for solutions to their problems.

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