The Hollywood Love Affair – The Acai Berry

The Acai berry is celebrity world's food of choice at the moment; everyone from Denise Richard to Matthew Mcconaughey has been seen getting Acai berry based juices. Six times world surfing champion Kelly Slater is one of the Acai berry diet's most energetic patrons. Recently he was asked why he chooses the Acai berry over the plethora of other fitness supplements out there on the market. He said; "I love it! I first discovered out in Brazil and I was like wow! It's amazing, so good."

The Acai berry diet craze started when Oprah Winfrey revealed on her immensely popular talk show that she had managed to cut down an amazing four inches off her stomach following the Acai berry weight loss regime. She brought on Dr Perricone to explain the science behind what seems a dietary miracle.

Dr Perricone himself is a champion of Acai berry diet. In his New York Times international bestseller; 'The Perricone Promise', he praises the amazing health benefits of the Acai berry, the cornerstone of his very own weight loss plan. He goes as far to say that the Acai berry is without doubt "the no.1 super fruit" in the world today. To find out all that world renowned Dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone had to say on the subject of the Acai berry check out the Acai berry blog.

Following Oprah and Dr Perricone's revelations celebrities everywhere have been quick to try out the tiny little berry for themselves. Many are so bowled over by the effects of the Acai berry that they have gone public with their fluent endorsements.

One notable Acai berry fanatic has to be Brad Pitt who, at the behest of his trainer, followed the Acai berry diet to lose weight for his starring role in the Coen brothers' seminal film, 'Burn after Reading'. For more Acai berry information visit any related website.