The Best Way to Use Miracle Mineral Supplement

Jim Humble's great Miracle Mineral Supplement manages to keep pulling in more customers all these years, now up to shipping 15,000 units every month to various locations across the world, no one can argue about its success. Proof keeps coming in on what this compound can do for people suffering ailments some severe, some minor like dandruff, and no one has reported MMS hurting them. The chemical equivalents can't say this!

There have been several versions of instructions on how to use the MMS, most are just people's interpretations of the directions though. The only best way to get the results you want is to use the directions that Jim Humble originally wrote, we will make certain you totally understand his directions for MMS.

To get started we need to point out that MMS has to have an activator used with it, this also has to be the right acid, either acetic acid, citric acid, or lemon juice can be used. Our preference is actually the citric acid for giving the best results. To mix use 1 drop of MMS to 5 drops of the citric acid or the activator. The kits sold have 5 times the activator as the quantity of MMS.

Here is a handy guide to help you with this MMS protocol:

#1 Step: Take one drop of MMS with the right amount of activator a day for the first several days.

#2 Step: Then you need to increase your intake to 1 drop two times during the day usually one taken during the morning and one take during the night. If you aren't feeling nauseous at all, then you can go ahead the next day to the 2 drops in the morning and night, increasing the drops at a pace of one a day. So to give you an example, on day 4 or 5 your should be taking 3 drops both morning and night. And be sure to always mix in the activator too in the right proportion.

Then take this to the next level and increase the dosage gradually day by day to the top amount of 15 drops administered twice daily, or in the event that signs that detoxification is happening which are occasional vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. If you reach a point where your body is reacting this way, you should back down by 1 to 2 drops on your dosages for about 2 to 3 days. At this particular point hold this dosage until your bad reaction to it subsides.

The Third Step - The regimen mentioned in the second step needs to be done until you comfortably can take 15 drops twice a day with no feelings of nausea. Then you need to kick it up to 15 drops consumed 3 times daily, and do this for 7 days. Now after this level has been reached comfortably, then you need to switch to a maintenance dose of 5 to 7 drops daily for older adults, and the younger group needs to do 5 drops weekly.

At the Finish: At the end of this regimen, your body will be free of all yeast, mold, or bacterial activities that were going on when you started on MMS. Just remember that your body is having trouble healing when these signs of nausea or the other side effects appear, you have to continue on your course to combat this. These side effects are just the pathogenic invaders having their one last try at staying in your body, they always struggle to stay.

Be very diligent and persistent taking the MMS, and you will discover that the rewards are worth the trouble.