The Best Method of Taking the Miracle Mineral Supplement

For several years now the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MSM) by Jim Humble, has been popular and now due to 15,000 units being shipped monthly to all parts of the world, it will now be harder to ignore the effectiveness of this suburb compound. Now as the reports keep coming in about people having success with anything from dandruff to much more serious ailments, it is close to impossible to locate where MMS have harmed any of these people. The sad thing is that most of the chemically-based supplements can't boast over the same facts!

There have been several versions of instructions on how to use the MMS, most are just people's interpretations of the directions though. The only best way to get the results you want is to use the directions that Jim Humble originally wrote, we will make certain you totally understand his directions for MMS.

Before we get into this, it is vital for you to know that MMS has to have acid to activate it, you will need either lemon juice, citric acid, or acetic acid for this purpose. We actually have found the best results using citric acid. Use 5 parts (drops) citric acid to 1 part (drop) MMS. Most of the MMS kits being sold through the market now have 5 times the amount you need for the enclosed MMS.

Here is a handy guide to help you with this MMS protocol:

#1 Step: Take one drop of MMS with the right amount of activator a day for the first several days.

The Second Step - Now increase the dosage to 1 drop two times daily, do one in the morning and then one at night. If no signs of nausea appears, then the next day increase to taking 2 drops in the morning and in the evening, and increase by one drop daily. An example of this is on day 3 you would be taking 3 drops morning and night (of course mixed with the right quantity of the activator).

Now you need to repeat this routine until you get up to the max of taking 15 drops twice a day is attained, o until signs of detoxing occur like in having diarrhea, nausea, or throwing up. If a point of resistance is attained or any of the listed symptoms occur, you then need to lower the dosages for about 2 to 3 days by around 1 to 2 drops. Then maintain this point until all the bad side effects have gone.

The Third Step - The regimen mentioned in the second step needs to be done until you comfortably can take 15 drops twice a day with no feelings of nausea. Then you need to kick it up to 15 drops consumed 3 times daily, and do this for 7 days. Now after this level has been reached comfortably, then you need to switch to a maintenance dose of 5 to 7 drops daily for older adults, and the younger group needs to do 5 drops weekly.

At the Finish: At the end of this regimen, your body will be free of all yeast, mold, or bacterial activities that were going on when you started on MMS. Just remember that your body is having trouble healing when these signs of nausea or the other side effects appear, you have to continue on your course to combat this. These side effects are just the pathogenic invaders having their one last try at staying in your body, they always struggle to stay.

Just stick in there diligently when taking MMS and you will reap the rewards of a healthier body!