The Acai Berry at its Beginning

The acai berry is indigenous to the swamps and floodplains of Central and South American where the acai palm also grows. In the local dialect acai translates to 'fruit that cries or expels water' and the acai fruit fits the depiction impeccably. In the native tribes of Brazil, the acai berry formed a considerable component of the nutritional regime. However, the recent rush in international call for this berry have also led to the farming of the palm which was not so prevalent formerly.

The acai berry is either dark purple or green in color, depending on the species as well as ripeness of the fruit and suspend in bunches of 500 to 900 fruit. Each berry is pretty tiny in magnitude - approx. 25 mm in diameter and has a strong likeness to grapes, but with a great deal a lesser amount of pulp. There is a very thin layer of pulp which covers the seed of the berry. The seed itself takes up 80% of the capacity of the fruit. Depending on individual preferences, the acai berry is taken salty or sweet and is considered a food by itself. The pulp and juice obtained from it are served in a assortment of ways all across Brazil, Peru, Belize and other countries in the region; with granola, mixed with ice cream, in liqueur, etc. Because of these pioneering uses, the acai berry has grown in demand. This growth is also due in part to the recent advertising promotion as a dietary supplement.

There have been no independent scientific studies to ascertain that the acai berry which has a high fiber content, is capable of producing improved libido, heart health, skin appearance, enhanced digestion, heightened energy levels, or reducing cholesterol. A lot of individuals have complained to authorities of utter scams perpetrated by acai berry product manufacturers as well as retailers and of not getting any refunds for rejecting the product at some stage in the free trial period. If you are a potential consumer, it would be shrewd to consider your options cautiously before making a ultimate conclusion about purchasing this product or not. Taken altogether, the acai berry is strictly ordinary as compared to other fruit in terms of nutritional content, anti - oxidant levels, vital vitamin content, etc.

Whatever little scientific studies have been conducted has revealed the berry in some of the forms mentioned in the earlier paragraph works well as a contrast agent in MRI scans. There are tests that do suggest that use of the berry may bring down the proliferation of experimental leukemia cells in the laboratory.

In an endeavor to restore damaged or destroyed trees, ample quantities of seeds are being kept aside. The seeds are frequently ground up to make food for sheep and encompass part of organic soil used during planting.