Some Of The Causes Of Hair Loss

When you suffer from hair loss it can really bug you. Make you stressed out and depressed. Especially when you a woman it may even hit your harder. But guys can get the same way as they see the hair thinning on their heads.

But did you know that stress will help your hair become thinner? Yes if you are continually stressed a certain chemical will be released. That chemical will send a signal to your hair follicles that will basically tell them to stop working for a bit. Until those chemicals subside enough no new hair will begin to grow.

Not only men, but women and sometimes children will suffer from hair loss. It's hard on women and children to watch their hair thin out and come out in clumps at times. Many people will look into wearing hair attachments or wigs during these times.

There are certain fungal infections that one may get that can see a person suffering from hair loss. This will be the case in kids, women and men all. Again with medicine this condition will get better and new hair growth will be seen.

Women, who suffer from PCOS, may also see hair loss. This will require medicine from a doctor to help control the syndrome. The doctor should provide you with many ideas on different hair treatments you can try.

There are more serious causes to hair loss. That's why it's very important that when you notice it, you see a doctor. Some of these illnesses may only be warning you that you have a problem. Things like lupus can be detected early and treated with great success.

When the doctor knows the main cause behind your hair loss treatment will begin. It's up to that point that you can seek out hair replacement or hair extensions. A way that you will be able to hide the thinning of your hair. Also a great way to help people have more self confidence.

Also question the doctor about using a shampoo or biotin supplement. Biotin has been shown to help stimulate the growth of new hair. Plus it will help the hair become stronger and thicker as well. Just make sure when you see the start of excessive hair loss that you make the appointment to get checked out. Don't play with your health.