Six Flu Remedies That Are Quick And Will Have You Back On Your Feet

Having the flu is a miserable experience; it can make the whole body ache. What starts with a sore throat and runny nose can soon develop into aches, headaches, and severe weakness. As yet there is no cure for any flu virus, there are vaccinations but these are only effective for certain strains. To lessen the effects of the virus there are a number of tried and tested flu remedies that are proven to help.

1. Rest: If you get the flu then you will need to rest. It may be wise to try to stay in bed until you know that you are recovering. When most people have the flu they have little energy for moving around, it is likely you will not want to do anything but take complete rest for a few days.

2. Medication: It is common to find a high temperature affecting people that have the flu. When this fever is combined with a headache and body pain the results can create severe discomfort. To lessen the aches and control the temperature it may help to take ibuprofen or aspirin.

3. Hydration: When an individual has flu they often lose more liquids then what they take. To stand any chance of getting back on your feet you will need to keep yourself properly hydrated. Do not drink alcohol or coffee. Fruit juices can give you lost sugars and salts which will boost your immune system.

4. How to cough: There are two main types of cough; one that is dry and painful and the other which brings up mucus. If you have a dry cough then you can find over the counter medications which will soothe your throat. If you find that you are coughing up a lot of mucus then this should be encouraged as your body needs to rid itself of the excess fluid.

5. Honey: For thousands of years honey has been used to sooth the throat. If you find that you are coughing during the night then try having a couple of teaspoons of honey in a glass of warm water before sleeping. It can have a greater effect by also adding some lemon.

6. Balm: If you are in need of an instant relief from some of the flu symptoms then you should use a balm. They will usually contain ingredients such as menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor. The combination of vapors can quickly unblock your airways.

To lessen the chances of passing on the virus to others you should make sure you wash your hands often. Flu can be very contagious.