Resveratrol And Weight Loss Facts

If you have not heard by now, then you should know that Resveratrol is a very exciting substance recently found in medical research.

Even television shows are picking up on this great discovery and it has been prominently featured on shows like Oprah because of the great benefits.

60 Minutes, the popular television program, first investigated red wine 17 years ago. They were particularly interested in why the French were so thin despite a diet high in such foods like cheese. Red wine, as we know now, is a drink that is full of resveratrol. We now know that resveratrol was very important to staying healthy.

There have been many medical studies done on resveratrol. There was one particular study done with resveratrol that stands out. Using two mice, both mice were given a high carb diet. However, the difference was that one mouse got a carb diet that also came with a little bit of resveratrol while the other mouse received no resveratrol at all.

After an extended period of time, the body masses of the two mice were measured and then compared. Amazingly, the mouse that had been consuming the resveratrol supplement was 30% thinner!

Our bodies can only absorb about 40-50% of the nutrients we eat. So, the rest of the food ends up being stored in fat cells for many years at a time. Often, this excess turns into toxins.

Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant and so it is able to get rid of these toxins in our bodies and make us healthy and thin again. Even after only a short time of use, resveratrol can have these great effects.

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