Pure Organic Acai Berry Supplements, Be Sure You Get The Real Deal

The Fruits of Acai berry are mainly found in the lush tropical region of amazon and the Brazil. They have come to be recognized as the definite "super food" offering innumerable varieties of vitamins and necessary greasy acids, photo elements and a horde of more dietary paybacks. Disadvantage, however, is to undermine the acai berry, the day it is harvested, so manufacturers have to come up with clever ways to deal with the distribution of fruit, but retained in their natural flavor and health benefits.

Hailed as this generation's super food, the miracle cure, the crown jewel of the Amazon, the lowly acai berry has indeed risen from obscurity as a palm fruit in the heart of the Amazon rainforest into one of the most popular and safest health supplements available in the market today. Beneficial to health, from natural lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, strengthen veins and blood vessels and possible treatment of certain types of cancer increase the demand for acai berries to add a 1000-fold in recent years.

The potency level of the acai berry powder and capsules is directly dependent on the freeze drying process that the fresh acai pulp or acai berry extract is made to go through. Here, the moisture is removed from the acai berries using a very low temperature (-20C) and a vacuum. Preserves are natural deep purple color,and freeze drying keeps the nutty-berry flavors of the acai fruit.

Best of all, the freeze drying procedure ensures us that the acai berry powder and capsules have retained almost all of the acai berry's natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients, mainly carotene, anthocyanin (antioxidant) also C Vitamin.

In France, as well as nations such as Italy, Spain and Portugal, red wine practically flows- and is a staple at almost every meal to counteract the effects of fat and sugars and add to their over-all well being and longevity. Acai berry juice is simply the best way to obtain the same health benefits provided by acai berry, it is a concentrated source of a kind of flavonoids which is referred to as anthocyanins - this is generally the same phytochemical that red wine possesses.

Acai berry supplements are admittedly pricey, especially if you go for certified organic acai berry extract capsules or acai liquid and acai powder. But rest assured the products are worth every penny you have spent, as ingesting fake products or those cut down with extenders all but render these acai berry supplements as useless.