Pure Acai Berry Review: The Uncommon Company With A Common Name

By reading this post, you will be getting an impartial Pure Acai Berry review. However, before going any further, let me make it clear to you that I do not intend to sell the company nor promote Pure Acai Berry supplements. The main goal is to provide an honest review of the company, a backgrounder on the company's profile and products, to people who are on the lookout for the best and authentic acai supplements available in the market today.

First, you need to know that Pure Acai Berry is a completely separate company from anyone else with the same name. The name itself has been used several times and you should not let other less credible companies change your opinion about this one. Pure Acai Berry has no connections with other well-known companies with similar names which have been associated with scams. While the phrase, "Pure Acai Berry," has been used by other companies in their product names or websites, this is a new company in the industry that launched in the fall of 2009.

Pure Acai Berry may be a common name but they are far from common! To prove they are different you won't see any free offers for their product. In case you're wondering, those free acai offers have been linked to numerous scams so you actually don't want to see any free offers. If you do, run for the hills because there's a good chance you're getting scammed! Pure Acai Berry also provides one of the strongest guarantees you'll see in the industry. With every purchase you get a 180 day "total satisfaction" guarantee or you get your money back. You will have to return any unused product and pay a small processing fee, but you will have the option to get at least most of your money back.

The company is based in the U.K. but they accept orders from all over the globe and offers free shipping. They also maintain a number of offices in other parts of the world so you can order from them and expect your product from a local courier service. US residents need not worry because they will get their orders fast and secure. There's also no reason to believe that this company is a bogus one. You can try to do some research and certainly you'll get more than just a P.O. box. Hopefully, with all these information I've provided so far in this Pure Acai Berry review, you're getting a clearer picture the company and a favorable one at that.

Fully living up to its name, Pure Acai Berry takes pride in selling only top quality products. Its pure organic acai berry is not loaded with extra ingredients. With every three-capsule serving of 1500 mg of pure acai, one is sure to get the optimal health nutrients that he is expecting. If you have brushed up on your acai berry basics, you probably know that acai can offer us the best benefits that will help improve our health and our well-being in general. Acai is rich in antioxidants which help fight various illnesses. Acai berry has also been touted as an effective aid for weight loss but so far, this claim has yet to be proven true. This is where this Pure Acai Berry review finds a downside to the company

Unfortunately, they have decided to let their marketing hype get away from them a little. Just like so many other companies out there which advertise a supplement, Pure Acai Berry seems to be suggesting that their product alone will boost your metabolism and cause you to lose weight. While it is possible that acai berry can have an impact on weight loss, there is no conclusive research to back this up. Personally, I would never invest too much confidence in any natural supplement that claims it can be used as a standalone weight loss product. The fact is, and always will be, that the best way to utilize supplements is as a support system for a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. If you buy into the hype and expect your supplement to do all the work for you, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.

I did happen to talk to one of Pure Acai Berry's executives and he mentioned that in order to see the best results for weight loss, they highly advise that their supplements be used as secondary support to the right diet, regular exercise, and plenty of water intake. However, if you visit their site, you will find out that no disclaimer nor additional information about this is mentioned. Instead, what they say is that all you need to do to lose weight is to take their supplement, period. No mention of any need to exercise whatsoever. So be careful before biting into any marketing tactics as this. While yes, high quality acai can give you optimal health, weight loss is not always a guarantee.

Pure Acai Berry is an established company selling the best quality of Acai supplements. However, to avoid disappointment, you need to identify your expectations on any product. Take your dose of acai primarily as an aid to better health and if you seem to experience losing pounds along the way, then consider it as delightful bonus. We hope this Pure Acai Berry review has helped you understand things better.