Popular NO2 Supplements and What They Do

If you've been to a supplement store in the last couple of years, chances are that you've seen NO2 supplements on the shelves. These products have been gaining in popularity mainly because a lot of people are having great results with them.

Even though NO2 supplements are pretty new in the supplement industry, they have definitely left a mark. But, as with most supplements, you might say there are too many to choose from. So, let's take a look at some of the more popular ones and their differences.

First let's look at a product from MRI called NO2 Black. This product claims to have the purest arginine and increase nitric oxide levels by as much as 950%. It also helps boost your insulin levels and nutrition uptake. In short, NO2 Black claims to be the NO2 supplement that is the most potent.

NO2 Platinum by MRI is the one NO2 supplement that was actually tested clinically at Baylor University. This supplement has an extended release nitric oxide generator. It maintains levels of nitric oxide in the plasma in your body, which enhances and prolongs the effect on your muscle composition. This product claims to not only give you greater muscular endurance but also a shorter post-workout recovery time.

On very popular product is NO-Xplode by BSN Nutrition. This product not only contains nitric oxide boosters, but also creatine to help in building muscle and increasing available energy. Many people have said that they could feel NO-Xplode working even within minutes of taking it. NO-Xplode claims to help increase size, strength, performance, energy, and mental focus.

Another rather popular product on the market is SuperPump250 by Gaspari Nutrition. This supplement has been tested at different times by two organizations and claims to cause increases in strength and lean mass.

Whichever NO2 supplement suites you best is entirely up to you, however, either way you will have wonderful results. Using a BSN Nutrition, MRI, or Gaspari supplement will help you stay confident in your workouts because you will see results faster versus getting discouraged because it is taking so long for you to see results in your body without the supplement.