OPC Factor is True Antioxidant Supplement

OPC Factor is one of those antioxidant supplements you see being sold on TV and really wonder about. They've got a panel of doctors and a host who talk all about how great the supplement is. And two or three times during the "show", a commercial interrupts to tell you how you can get OPC Factor right now. It's standard stuff for infomercials - perhaps because it is effective.

Eventually I decided I'd try it because I'd run out of my existing vitamin supplement and thought OPC Factor could be a great replacement. Of all the TV products I've ever looked at, I'll tell you there is more information on http://www.mycellessentials.com than I would have imagined. Go there and see all the nutrients they put in it.

As an antioxidant supplement, there is nothing on the market that comes close to OPC Factor. And that's a statement about the ingredients alone. What are antioxidants you hear most about? OPC's? Resveratrol? Lutein? Lycopene? Green Tea? Grape Skin Extract? Vitamin C? Ginkgo Biloba? They're all in there, and 23 more herbs, enzymes and minerals.

The other thing that stood out about their product was the part about their isotonic and effervescent delivery system. At first (well maybe even now), I didn't quite get it. But what I did understand was that antioxidants become worthless after exposure to oxygen. That's why they are good. So putting them in individual packets that effervesce in water made a lot of sense.

Oh yeah, I wouldn't do them in any justice if I forgot to mention that when you mix OPC Factor with water, it becomes an isotonic solution. that means that it gets absorbed into your blood right quickly. Much better than any pill or capsule. So get yourself some OPC Factor - and do yourself a little favor.

I never remember to take my vitamins at dinner, which makes this even better for me. You're supposed to take it first thing in the morning before anything else is in your stomach. Perfect.