Methods of Alleviating the Ravages of Old Age

Aging is an inevitable part of life, so many of us try to resign ourselves to accepting it with grace. The truth is, although growing older is unavoidable, many of the effects of aging are preventable.

We invite you to consider that time affects us all and that the choice between graceful and productive older years or a period of slow decay and deterioration is within our reach. It is truly up to us to make that decision.

That an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is a landmark concept in health management and is certainly wiser and more cost effective.

A realistic goal is not to prolong life to some unrealistic advanced age, but to promote successful aging ? staying healthy and functional up to the end of a long, productive life. Utilization of safe, effective therapies that address the underlying mechanisms of aging, e.g. natural hormone replacement, and specific dietary and exercise recommendations are a good foundation to an anti-aging program.

Degenerative diseases can be stopped or reversed with correct eating habits, the addition of hormones and nutritional supplements and exercise

Diseases that are sometimes brought on by old age such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer can also be controlled or lessened. The usual warning signs of old age such as fatigue, frailness, weight gain and failure of memory, etc., can be reduced and controlled and even reversed by these methods.

A rational approach to rejuvenation and anti-aging includes a comprehensive program of detoxification, a survey and review of nutritional needs and their management (understanding of real food-related needs with more doable and complete diet plans), avoidance of environmental and personal pollutants (ecological life style) and most importantly, replacement of declining natural hormones, so that a living organism can successfully thrive.

You can participate in this new route to health and enjoy a youthful aging process. Effects of aging can be prevented with effective programs from a health practitioner.