Lysine is one of the important amino acids that we need for our body to function at its best. Lysine helps in muscle formation, fights infection, strengthens the bones, and so much more. Indeed, lack of lysine in the body is marked by poor growth in children, weak bones, irritability and low energy levels. The thing is, lysine is not readily available in the body. You have to supplement or eat the right kind of food to be able to have sufficient amounts of lysine.

Here are some of the good things lysine can do for you:

The development of collagen. Collagen is an important building block of vital body parts: tendons and ligaments, as well as our skin and bones. Collagen is also needed for the body to repair tissue during injury and surgery. Thus, when our body has the capacity to develop collagen, our wounds heal faster.

Stronger Bones. Lysine also strengthens our bones and nips osteoporosis in the bud. Our bodies need calcium in order for us to build our bones. Overtime, our bones deteriorate because of a lack of calcium and this is the disease called osteoporosis. The calcium we put in the body is sometimes flushed out of the body even before it can do our bones some good. Lysine helps the body absorbs the calcium. Also, when lysine is paired with L-arginine, bone-building cell activity is improved.

Weight Management. To lose weight, your body should be able to get rid of your stored body fat. You will need L-Carnitine to speed up the fat-burning process. L-carnitine is also believed to lower your body's triglyceride and LDL levels. This amino acid may be produced in the body more efficiently with the presence of lysine.

Other applications. Children also need lysine as it helps in the production of growth hormones and in improving their appetite. It can also ward off hair loss, the herpes and zoster virus, as well as anemia. Lysine can also help increase your concentration and your ability to focus.