Looking for weight loss dietary supplements that work?

What are some of the more common weight loss dietary supplements? Will they contribute to your well-being while you struggle to lose weight? Will they even do anything at all, whether it's a help or a hindrance? People looking for a magic pill to help them lose weight will often turn to over the counter dietary supplements.

Some people use weight loss dietary supplements to enhance their exercise and diet regimens. These supplements are a blend of various vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Some supplements also contain herbs. Remember to seek your doctor's advice before using any supplements.

Caution should be used when deciding whether or not to take dietary weight loss supplements because they are not FDA approved. They do not have to meet the rigorous standards that other medications must comply with. The FDA can force companies to remove a product from the market if evidence is found showing that the product is not fit for human consumption.

Ephedra was a highly popular weight loss dietary supplement that was discontinued. This was because it was proven to cause seizures, increase blood pressure, worsen depression, and was linked to chronic headaches and even death. The label on these pills may not accurately reflect their ingredients, since the FDA does not regulate these pills.

Ephedra has been banned as a weight loss dietary supplement and in its place, some are promoting bitter orange. However, bitter orange has recently been shown to possibly produce similar effects on the body as ephedra, making it an ineffective and possibly dangerous weight loss dietary supplement. So far, bitter orange is still available for purchase, but it may not be available for too much longer.

Chitosan and guar gum are two weight loss dietary supplements available that have been shown to be ineffective in achieving weight loss. Consumers are now discouraged from using these products. It is not known what long term affects these supplements will have on people because they are untested and no studies have been done. No study has been done that shows either product helps people with weight loss or appetite.

St. John's Wart and green tea are reportedly helpful in weight loss. When used together with diet and exercise both of these have proven to be effective weight loss dietary supplements. Green Tea can come as pills and patches if you would like a change from the traditional tea form.