Know More About Vitamin ‘C’ Which Is Also Known As Ascorbic Acid.

The ascorbic acid is one of the best antioxidant that is offering innumerable benefits for the health when it is consumed as Vitamin C supplements. The supplements are pretty useful and are also useful for the repair of tissue and gums and also for the body's general growth. The supplements of Vitamin C will defend the body against all odds like damaging effects of all the environmental pollution, effects and also helps the body in manufacturing anti-stress hormones and also interferon as well. Our bodies will require the supplements of vitamin C for the purpose of metabolism of folic acid, tyrosine and phenylalanine

The main benefit of taking the supplements of vitamin C is that it defends our body from various infections, cancerous growth and also helps in improving the immune system. It also helps in absorbing the iron in our body. Vitamin C supplements plays a very important role in building up of the collagen as it helps protecting against bruising and blood clotting.

The supplements of vitamin C is really good as it is said to control high blood pressure, it will help to decrease the levels of the lipids as well as cholesterol and it will also help to prevent the dangerous condition like atherosclerosis.

Proofs haves shown that the there are benefits in taking both the supplements of vitamin C and Vitamin E altogether as they both are reported to work more synergistically. Both the supplements of vitamin C and vitamin E augment and reinforce the antioxidant properties. When the vitamins are taken together, they do posses more effect as when compared to individual consumption.

The disease scurvy could arise, if there is deficiency of Vitamin C supplements. This condition is seen in most of the western countries. This disease will leads to several problems in our body such as severe debility, soft spongy bleeding gums, delay in wound healing and also haemorrhages- this will typically be under the skin

If you do not utilize all the supplements of vitamin C in a very sufficient quantity then you would be lacking in vitamin C that is ascorbic acid and there will be some signs of deficiencies showing some infections like the poor digestion of foods, joint pains, cold, bronchial infections, getting exhausted during the work, debility, dullness, lack of energy, delay in healing of wounds, will have the tendency to bruise easily and lack of concentration as well.

Therefore it is essential to take the vitamin C supplements on daily basis. The dosages of vitamin C of supplements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and also from patient to patient. For example: a pregnant lady should not take more than 5000mgs of vitamin C because the foetus could get affected.