Just How Effective Is The Miracle Mineral Suplement?

Interestingly enough, when illness strikes or our health starts deteriorating, we usually fail to acknowledge the fact that it could be largely due to the fact that we either not eating as we should be or we're eating the wrong foods. Studies have shown that a large percentage of the food we eat is not properly digested. Of course this could be caused by many things such as failing to chew food adequately or frequent over- indulging. Likewise, we may have inherited a problem, or we may not be getting sufficient vitamins and minerals in our current diet. Even when we eat too much of a certain type of food, it can contribute significantly to the problem. Furthermore, one also needs to bear in mind that even emotional problems can be responsible for a breakdown in our wellbeing.

An area that is prominent to the breakdown of one's health in many cases occurs when food is broken down poorly. This has two main outcomes; an uncontrolled growth of deleterious bacteria within the small intestine which leads to putrefaction in the large colon. A large part of the immune response is driven from the small intestine, with the appendix being instrumental within this equation. This is typically called GALT, being an acronym for Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. Before chronic disease finally sets in, there will be a war waged for a number of years between the ever increasing negative disease promoting bacteria and immune cells - all the while creating more and more chronic inflammation within this part of the body.

Because this undesirable activity starts at quite an early stage in your life, if you're susceptible, you'll soon start experiencing digestive disorders as well as intestinal problems. Alarmingly enough, these disorders can lead to gut permeability at a relatively early age, thus resulting in various allergies and auto immune problems as proteins which have not being digested properly, are allowed to pass unchecked into the bloodstream. Unless you take action, gut permeability will more often than not end up causing conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammation driven conditions.

Frequent constipation in later life is often the result of over stimulated bowels as a child. Unfortunately people who suffer from regular constipation later in life will more often than not also suffer from diverticulitis; a condition which courses the buildup of hard crust like deposits on the bowel lining.

When you continuously fail to take care of your bowel, the natural barrier becomes weekend thus allowing harmful byproducts to enter into your blood stream. When this happens your liver will be affected first, followed by your heart, and then your brain. Common symptoms include the inability to think clearly, severe headaches and an irregular heartbeat. When one considers that the portal vein is vital for the transport of nutrients from the bowel to the liver, it's hardly surprising that this metabolic loading often results in liver failure.

The bowel can be likened to a city that has poor sewerage - if the waste is allowed to spill over into the streets and places of residence then it is inevitable that many will fall ill with disease. If one's bowel in congested and not working properly, waste materials begin to build up, and illness is quick to ensue.

A diet which is primarily raw can go a long way in correcting the problem over a period of time. In fact, ground linseed added to meals will help to ensure bowel stimulation. Essentially, everyone should have at least one or more bowel movements each day. This is necessary in order to ensure that waste is expelled as soon as possible before toxins have a chance to cause problems.

In addition to paying attention to the foods we eat, there is also a supplement called MMS. This supplement becomes a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal compound once activated.

In order to avoid these diseases which are becoming increasingly common, you need to pay attention to your eating habits, you need to chew your food, and of course you need to relax.