Is Your Body Starving for These 5 Ionic Minerals?

We all want to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Theres lots of information out there, and some of it conflicts. There is so much information out there, that it is much easier to throw up you hands and go whats the use, and disregard all of it. Dont. This is a mistake because the link to ionic minerals and good health cannot be stressed highly enough.

Getting enough vitamins and minerals has always been important, but Ionic minerals are even more important. This is because they actually play a large part in keeping your body at its best. Everything your body does need an ionic mineral in order to feel and work at its best.

There is a whole host of ionic minerals that the body needs. Depending on the research you read, the number is placed at anywhere between sixty and eighty. However, some are more famous than others. They cannot be judged in terms of importance because each and every single one is important in its own way. However, it is also important to get your recommended daily intake of the five following ionic minerals as a result of their activity within the body. The five ionic minerals are zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium and chromium.

Zinc " Zinc is one of the ionic minerals that are required for several functions. It is extremely important in the activity of several enzymes and thus the operation of cells. However, it is also vital for normal cell growth and vitality. Zinc can prevent the breakdown of cells and can ensure efficiency and productivity when it comes to growth and repair.

Magnesium " Magnesium is a vitally important ionic mineral because it can prevent hearing loss and migraines, as well as being an essential element of protecting the bones over the years. It can help to prevent osteoporosis because it tends to strengthen the bones and deal with bone turnover. It also prevents muscles cramping and sight disorders.

Calcium - Calcium has a reputation for being a cure-all, and that reputation is well-deserved. After all, it strengthens your bones, reduces or eliminates heartburn, and keeps your heart, digestive system and red blood cells strong. These are just a few of the things it can do; the whole list is even longer.

Selenium ? As we age, we start to run low on antioxidants. This brings on disease and other ailments. Selenium helps stimulate antioxidant activity to prevent cell damage. This will actually strengthen our immune system.

Chromium - This is the Ionic mineral to take if you're worried about diabetes or metabolic problems. It helps control your insulin while it helps you process carbohydrates and fats better.

Without these six ionic minerals you are gambling with your health. You need them, and the easiest way to fit them into your diet is with liquid Ionic minerals. Why leave good health up to chance when you don't have to?