Is Acai Power As Potent As The Claims?

In the past few years there have been a lot of claims regarding Acai power. The acai berry has been endowed with almost magical properties, and while it does have powerful health benefits, some claims just don't hold up. We'll share the truth about this fruit's properties and expose the myths. The acai berry, which is pronounced a-sigh-ee, is found in the fruit of the acai palm which is indigenous to the Amazon rain forests of South America. It grows in the swampy areas of the rainforest, particularly in Brazil. For generations the natives of Brazil have used it for food, as well as its medicinal properties.

The Acai power comes from its powerful concentration of antioxidants. It has about ten times the amount of antioxidants as a similar serving of grapes and twice as much as a serving of blueberries. It is similar to a blueberry or grape, but smaller in size and darker. It has one large seed in the center and a minimum amount of pulp. Its taste is said to resemble other fruits, although some claim it is slightly bitter as well. It isn't recommended to just pluck the berries from the tree and begin eating. The berries are harvested and processed. Then, the acai that is extracted from the pulp of the berry is sold.

Acai berries do have powerful health benefits, and one of those is their positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Acai power comes from two specific compounds, anthocyanins and phytosterols. Both of these nutrients have shown to have significant benefits for those who struggle with heart problems. They can also help those who have healthy hearts keep their cardiovascular system in good shape.

Acai berries offer another health benefit. These berries have a high concentration of fiber. This fiber helps keep the digestive tract working smoothly by helping to remove any mucus and toxic buildup within the body. There are also benefits found in acai berries in regard to both physical and mental energy. And finally, these berries appear to help control blood sugar levels for those suffering with diabetes.

The original hype surrounding the acai berry came from its supposed effect on weight loss. That has proved untrue, but the other, documented health benefits of acai power are significant. It doesn't matter what form the acai is in, powder or otherwise, as long as it's organic.