Introducing the “Muscle Builder” – NOs

Every serious body builder wants to have the extra edge when in comes to building muscle. This is where Nitric Oxide can help. When you take nitric oxide, this will help you get more lean muscle mass so that your body is more chiseled and defined. What's surprising is that those who supplement with nitric oxide also attest to the fact that their libido and their ability to perform sexually has also dramatically improved.

What does nitric oxide or NO2 do to build lean muscle mass? During your exercise, nitric oxide is released into the body for a short time. As nitric acid is released, it causes the muscles to contract. Thus the "highway" by which the blood and the nutrients can pass to get to the muscles, particularly the skeletal muscle. This is known as hemodilation.

To extend the dilation of the blood vessels, and cause more nutrients and oxygen to feed the muscles, you can supplement with NO2. This provides you with an "extended release delivery", resulting in the faster growth and strengthening of the muscles.

Now before you rush to your local health store for some NO2 supplements, please remember that there are those who are better off not taking NO2, since this may cause adverse reactions. NO2 supplements are rich in arginine. Those who are suffering from asthma should avoid this since L-arginine can cause the inflammation of the airways. Similarly, those who are suffering from herpes or any similar viral disease should not take NO2, since this will further allow the virus to grow and multiply.

There are also people who simply cannot tolerate significant amounts of L-arginine in their body. These, as well as those who are pregnant and breastfeeding, should not take NO2. Please consult your health practitioner before taking the supplement.

Side effects caused by NO2 include diarrhea, cramps, hot flashes and fatigue. These side effects vary in severity from one person to another.