Increase Your Knowledge of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a diverse, alternative herbal medicine that is derived from the tree Eurycoma Longifolia. The natural habitat for the tree is in the rain forests of Southeast Asia. The Tongkat Ali healing compounds are found in the two-meter vertical roots of the tree. Malaysia is the most prolific manufacturer of the medicine.

The Uses of Tongkat Ali Extract

The Tongkat Ali Extract has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia as an acceptable treatment for malaria, fever, high blood pressure, fatigue and circulatory problems. The medicine was soon recognized as a remedy for sexual impotence. This revelation has spurred a great deal of new interest in Europe and throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Advantages of the Extract

Not all manufacturers use the same process or strive for the same strength. Most commonly, the extract is developed using water. A few manufacturers add alcohol, which seems to increase the strength of the healing compounds in the herb. The Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200 is contains the optimum powers. The maturity of the plant can also impact the strength of the extract. To meet increased demand, some manufacturers have used immature trees.

About the Tree

The ideal age of the Eurycoma Longifolia tree is 25-30 years of age. The thin trunk of the tree is surrounded by evergreen foliage and clusters of flowering buds. Typically, the Tongkat Ali tree thrives in sandy soil beneath the canopy of the rain forest. With the rampant deforestation of Vietnam and Cambodia and with the government imposed protective sanctions in Malaysia, the supply chain is strained. Indonesia is now the largest provider of Tongkat Ali natural resource. The harvesting of the two-meter vertical roots is a drawn out, physically demanding exercise. Working conditions are hot, humid while the effort requires trying manual labor.

An Overview

In 2005, a research study performed by ZRT was the first study involving humans. The study clearly indicated that men using the Tongkat Ali Extract enjoyed increased testosterone levels. This revelation raised global interest in the all-natural alternative medicine. However, in Southeast Asia, the herb is used for four primary purposes:

* Support general health and vitality * Increase the male sex drive * Overcome sexual impotence * Support healthy blood circulation

Packaging of Products

While the medicine is still used in Southeast Asia, the demand for the product abroad has required new packaging standards. Also known as Asian Viagra, Tongkat Ali products are now delivered in capsule, liquid or tablet form. Supplements and Tongkat Ali Extract may be purchased online or through brick and mortar distributors. Even though a natural herb and not a steroid, some sports organizations do not permit its use in bodybuilding competitions. In 2005, a London research program reported positive bodybuilding effects. Many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts now use the Tongkat Ali Extract.