How To Put Together A Cutting Edge Anti Aging Program For Your Skin

Vanity is a powerful motivator! No matter what our age, we all desire to look our absolute best and have friends tell us how young we look for our age. Perhaps then, the thing that scares us most is losing our appearance before our time!

There are frequent examples universally of people successfully reducing their aging process. But life is built on dualities " far and close, high and low, and of course 'young' cannot exist without 'old'. In spite of our courageous attempts to combat our aging process, the scary reality of life in this period of human existence is that the majority of us ARE FAILING MISERABLY IN OUR ANTI AGING EFFORTS!

21ST century life brings with it a daily attack of hazardous environmental and dietary toxins and stressors which negatively impact on our health. The scientifically established consequence of this has been a speeding up of our aging!

It's called PREMATURE AGING and it's at the heart of why our appearance is giving way well before time. Premature aging brings with it the arrival of, so-called, 'old age' degenerative disease. You don't have to look a long way to see the proof and to comprehend that these diseases are no longer relevant to just old age!

But living in our modern world also brings the technology and knowledge we need to successfully address premature aging.

I worked in the nutritional supplement and skin care industries so I know the facts! My knowledge of nutritional science is very sophisticated - better than most peoples and I have a number of world renowned experts which I can speak to at any time.

So, here's the heart of this article. To be successful in your anti aging efforts you cannot rely on a Single track program! Highly effective results happen only from putting in place a three part system. This is how you will create / sustain a younger look AND steer clear of all the 'old age' diseases throughout your life.

An effective anti aging skin care system can only be created using these three measures:

** Lifestyle

** Nutritional Intake

** Topical Skin Care


This component is obvious. Your lifestyle effects to a huge degree your appearance as you age. If you are constantly stressed, and smoke and drink heavily for example, you will absolutely age more quickly and probably end up with all the diseases you don't want.

Exercise is a key component of your anti aging program but only at a moderate level. People have a tendency to go way too hard, thinking more is better. Heavy exercise increases oxygen intake which in turn speeds up the formation of free radicals - one of the four requisite causes of human aging. This will only serve to increase your aging process rather than slow down and normalize it. You need to extensively raise your antioxidant intake if you want to cancel out this increased free radical production.


Disappointingly, processed food accounts for a vast 90 % of food in the USA. Processed food in a contrast with fresh food has minimal nutritional value " missing many life sustaining nutrients including vital vitamins/minerals, fiber and so on.

If the right amount of nutrients is not taken in on a daily basis, the conditions which allow the start of degenerative disease are are created. Your skin WILL LOSE ELASTIN AND COLLAGEN and as these critical skin components decline your skin takes on an aging look. Too little supply of anti-oxidants from a diet chiefly full of processed food will also have a destructive impact on your skin.

The answer here is to protect and nourish your skin with an 'inside out' strategy. This is where nutritional health supplements play their part. The best, professional grade nutritional health supplements contain a broad spectrum of key nutrients to help you get all the necessary nutrients which your health requires.

Supplements or not, you must eat a lot of fresh and preferably raw foods. Cooking destroys crucial enzymes so, a diet based to a large degree on raw foods is the answer.

The grade of supplements I'm talking about are not regular multi vitamins and minerals. I mean elite multi-nutrient science-based health supplements. I believe this the wisest 'supporting' anti aging self-health-care action you can undertake.

BUT so as to not be deceived by untrustworthy, mis-leading marketing spin, you need to be familiar with the key ingredients in the most effective nutritional health supplement formulas. (use the links below to visit my website where you'll find the answers.)

Skin Care Formulas

Anti aging skin care products are the most fundamental form of action to take to avoid the visible and exterior effects of aging. BUT, if you don't incorporate the diet and lifestyle parts, topical skin care can only perform like a band aid (albeit an important band aid!).

Consumers however get largely taken advantage of because the elite companies are professionals in creating totally effective marketing presentations, capable of shaping potential customers thinking and seducing them into purchasing ridiculously over priced products which can never meet their marketing claims.

The most serious obstacle consumers face is that these crafty marketing presentations have educated us into accepting that the more costly a product is, the better it has to be.

The reality is that this is IN GENERAL FAR FROM TRUE!

The fact of the matter is that usually the more popular and expensive a particular brand is - the highly effective ingredients are included in smaller amounts - far below those used in successful clinical trials. The famous skin care companies simply have too many expenses from their marketing and distribution methods and tremendous pressure from shareholders for increased profits (which simply can't be met if the best, clinically effective ingredients are included in their formulas (in effective dose amounts).

So, what must we look for in a skin care formula, based on the best of the nutritional sciences ?

1:- That it is EFFECTIVE in creating TANGIBLE anti aging results because its formula has the necessary ingredients to address ALL THREE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL CAUSES OF SKIN AGING:

** Loss of collagen and elastin

** Lower levels of hyaluronic acid

** Oxidation through the action of free radicals



A high-priced price tag is no guarantee that a skin care product isn't going to harm your health (including lots of years in the future when it's too late). Here's a understandable example of this: - one of the world's most well acknowledged, leading international brands (name begins with 'C' ) contains a PESTICIDE in its formula! That's completely true!

Now, on to all those beautiful smelling fragrances. Simply stated, they are injurious chemicals which you must keep away from!

Why? Because the name Fragrance can refer to up to 4000 single ingredients - many of which are toxic and/or carcinogenic! The long term influence of these seeping into your blood stream is still unknown. Are you prepared to take the gamble?

Now, we come to PARABENS!

These are harsh chemicals used as powerful preservatives in the skincare and pharmaceutical industries! Studies suggest they might bring about cancer and interfere with your body's endocrine system, as well as creating allergic reactions and skin rashes. The leading brands use parabens as there is a extended lead time from product production to day of purchase and also because they are low-cost. The natural alternatives are significantly more dear so they're not used.

One added safety safeguard to act upon: make the time to check whether a skincare manufacturer is a participant of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

So, what you've just read are the foremost criteria to look for under the 'topical skin care' segment of your anti aging skin care system. Take note that the bulk of skin care products DO NOT MEET all (or any) of these criteria. Gratefully there are some which DO and price in the neighborhood a third of the elite big name brands.

(In case you're interested - the skincare products my family and I use are manufactured by the Xtend-Life company based in New Zealand (naturally they pass all criteria from above).

The main actives of their flagship products are the BIG THREE (CLINICALLY PROVEN ) ANTI AGING INGREDIENTS (the big name companies are currently reformulating to include these within the next 12 months):


** Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10

** Phytessence Wakame

For those readers who would be keen to explore these new technology products, use the links at the bottom of this article to open a page on my website where you'll see links to the product pages for these powerful cell rejuvenation skin care products


You've learned today that actual and sizable anti aging results can't come from a 'one method' strategy. It takes a three part technique. Follow the fundamentals in this editorial and take pleasure in the comfort of knowing your anti aging efforts represent the most successful measures possible for a victorious anti aging skin care system.

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Great Health! Great Skin!