How Does Resveratrol Effect You

Resveratrol has now been featured in many places including the media and a variety of other sources, as well.

It has been covered extensively by the media and has been featured on shows like Oprah and Dr. Oz who frequents her show has even recommended it to users at home to take on a consistent basis.

Resveratrol was first investigated on television about 17 years ago on the show, 60 Minutes, where it was looked into why the French were able to stay so thin despite a diet high in foods like cheese. Red wine, in particular, was shown to show a very large role. As it has been found today, red wine is a huge source of resveratrol.

Scientific studies also have proved this. For example, in one study, two mice were raised with the same high carb diet except one was given a resveratrol supplement while the other one did not receive such supplement.

After time had passed, they were both weighed and it was found that the mouse that had received the resveratrol supplement was 30% thinner than the other mouse that had had the same life and diet except for the resveratrol supplement.

About 40-50% of the nutrients in food is asorbed by our bodies when we eat. The excess is stored in fat cells for example. This often results in toxins being present in our bodies.

Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant and so it is able to get rid of these toxins in our bodies and make us healthy and thin again. Even after only a short time of use, resveratrol can have these great effects.

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