How Does Human Growth Hormone Delay Aging?

Just what is human growth hormone? The human growth hormone is undoubtedly one of the most talked about hormones today. You hear about HGH supplements and how they bring about anti-aging effects like no other supplement can. But what is human growth hormone anyway? What does it have to do with aging? Why do many people take HGH supplements? These are just some of the questions that this article will hope to answer.

From the scientific point of view, HGH is what is known as a peptide hormone, being one that is manufactured in the pituitary gland which is found in our brains. It is regarded as the master hormone for reasons you will soon understand. HGH is present in many of our bodily functions and is important for the growth of new body cells and tissues. It helps to stimulate repairs, and it facilitates protein and enzyme production. It's an important part of our systems, governing energy, vigor, and youth.

As we have already explained, human growth hormone is made in the pituitary gland, and in our early years, when we are growing at an enormous rate, our bodies produce copious amounts of HGH. This is exactly why our young ones develop so quickly and why they are so energetic. As we grow older and approach the age of 30, the amount of human growth factor that our bodies make lessens very substantially.

Once we reach the age of 50, production of this hormone will have halved. Of course this is also the point in our lives when we all begin to notice the signs and symptoms of growing older. As we continue to age, production of HGH continues to lessen and we continue to age even faster.

When it is produced, HGH is sent to the different organs in our bodies, our bones, our skins, muscles and our cartilages too, and it is therefore quite logical to understand that a deficiency of human growth hormone will naturally decrease the efficiency of these body parts. This decrease in our body's efficiency results in putting on weight, feeling less energetic, loss of muscle tone, and a reduction in our sexual appetites. We become more prone to illness and disease, our sight weakens, our memories become less sharp, and our skins begin to wrinkle. In other words, we grow old.

Tests carried out in 1990 by a certain Dr Rudman proved that by reintroducing extra amounts of human growth hormone into our bodies, that the signs of aging were slowed. On the back of this revelation, a whole industry of HGH based products were released onto the market claiming to be able to delay the aging process. This industry has grown and grown, and now the products are administered as pills, or drinks, aerosols, homeopathy and even injection.

The tests that Dr.Rudman carried out were carried out using a synthetic HGH, however, the substantial results achieved have led many people to believe that natural HGH based products will duplicate these early test results. Human growth hormone treatments are now extremely popular. This follows on from those earlier successful clinical trials, and the positive feedback received from those that have used these various therapies.

The weight of evidence as far as the effectiveness of HGH supplemental therapies goes in respect of delaying the signs of aging is very positive. The logic is irrefutable, and the many supportive testimonials would advocate its use for all.