How Do Meal Replacement Shakes Benefit Bodybuilders?

Meal replacement shakes are a way for bodybuilders to get the nutrition they need, without having to cook and prepare every single meal. As a bodybuilder, I quickly realized that if I was to get the necessary 4, 5 or even 6 meals a day that I would need to replace at least a few meals to save me time.

A good bodybuilding shake contains a high amount of protein (usually whey) and lots of other essential nutrition for building muscle. Sometimes it will include a very small amount of fat and carbs too, because a little of these is needed to keep your body running well.

Try to limit the amount of meals that you replace to a maximum of 2. If you attempt to replace all of your meals your bodies metabolism can crash because whilst these smoothies contain most of what you need - they don't include everything!

What I suggest you do, is use these shakes to replace your meals before and after going to the gym. Oftentimes after you've finished your workout it takes you time to get home and make something to eat. But when you've got a high protein drink with you, you can just drink that in it's place.

To make a meal replacement shake, it's best to have a supplement shaker. This is also very useful as you can store your drink in your shaker and actually take it to the gym with you. This way you can sip it whilst your doing your workout routine.

Every so often I take a break from supplements altogether and actually make every one of my meals each day. I find this helps to flush and cleanse my system and allows me to safely take supplements again in a few weeks.

I also has found that once I have stopped taking supplements for a few weeks and then go back on them again - I get some big gains! It seems that the break has somehow made them that much more powerful when I start using again.

So I suggest that you get some ingredients to make your own meal replacement shakes if you want to be able to get all the nutrition your body needs for gaining muscle fast.