Hoodia P57 – In Depth Review

What is Hoodia P57?

Hoodia P57 is a well known dietary supplement that boasts hoodia gordonii as its only ingredient. There are numerous companies selling hoodia based products, but only Hoodia P57 is one of the few that provides pure hoodia with a higher dose to aid in reducing hunger between meals.

History of Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia gordonii is a cactus like plant that has been used for centuries by tribesman native to South Africa. There are roughly 13 different families of hoodia but only hoodia gordonii has the ability to curb hunger. The hunters of the tribes would consume the raw portion of the cactus to eliminate hunger while on hunting expeditions. It is said that eating hoodia sends very strong signals to the brain that it is full, similar to the effect of a rise in glucose levels after a meal.

In 1977, the potential for hoodia in the weight loss market was realized and Scientists from South Africa were able to isolate the compound that is responsible for curbing hunger . The compound was named P57.

Interestingly enough, the organization, Pfizer, originally set out to create a marketable supplement containing hoodia but discovered that manufacturing the main ingredient was more challenging than originally expected. A joint venture with Phytopharm, the owner of the patent for p57, dissolved in 2002. But after major media attention from outlets such as 60 minutes has created a global obsession for supplements using hoodia.

The Hoodia P57 Difference

Though hoodia is marketed in hundreds of weight loss aids, the plant is a protected species and very few products marketed with Hoodia contain genuine South African hoodia or the active ingredient P57. Hoodia P57 offers a certificate to authenticate that their product is the real deal. Their hoodia is concentrated to be 20 times more potent than other hoodia products on the market.

Hoodia P57 boasts of a clinical study to back its products claims; however, the study in question was actually conducted by the company. Independent scientific studies have not proven that hoodia works to suppress appetite; however, for those who have tried Hoodia P57 the results have mostly been favorable. Users have reported that cravings are killed while taking the supplement and they are able to turn away from second helpings, avoid in-between meal eating and many have claimed to lose weight.

Since Hoodia P57 is hunger eliminator, dieters must take caution to observe their body for any unfavorable side effects. Hoodia is known to repress thirst and the need to eat, dehydration and other dietary complications can happen if diets do not observe a strong nutrition plan. Additionally, since hoodia impacts blood sugar levels, diabetics should avoid this product. Moreover, those allergic to plants, pregnant or nursing mothers, people with anorexia or bulimia, should check with a doctor before trying Hoodia P57. Hoodia P57 does not contain stimulants so headaches, jitters, and nausea should not be a problem.