HGH Releaser Supplements: What They Contain and How They Work

By approximately age 35, the benefits you will receive from human growth hormone supplements and activators will be significant for both your appearance and your overall health. Supplements known as HGH releasers assist the body in naturally increasing its HGH levels. These levels start to decline as early as one's 20's, usually at a rate of 15% per decade. By the time you've reached 50 years of age, your natural HGH levels have decreased by over 50%, and the results of this decline have become noticeable.

There are compelling reasons for using HGH releaser supplements. Since the HGH levels in the body are closely linked with aging, taking HGH supplements can decrease - and potentially even reverse - some of the undesirable effects of aging.

Some of the benefits you can get from taking an HGH releaser include: younger looking and thicker, wrinkle-free skin, stronger bones, decrease in body fat, improved vision and mental health, improved memory, increase in lean muscle mass, increased energy and vitality, improved sexual drive and performance, among many others.

How do HGH releasers work? HGH releasers, enhancers, precursors, stimulators or activators - whatever they are called, contain no synthetic or artificial ingredients or substances in them. What they contain are herbal mixes which contain amino acids, vitamins and nutrients that are known to enhance the production of HGH in the body. It does so by stimulating the gland responsible for the production of this hormone - the pituitary gland. Typical HGH releaser supplements contain arginine, glutamine, ornithine, GABA, lysine, tryptophan, and other related amino acids along with B vitamins, and root or fruit extracts.

Despite the seemingly miraculous effects taking HGH supplements can have on the body, it's important to remember that an HGH releaser is not a magic pill that somehow erase twenty years of aging. It can take some time, generally about 2 to 6 months, before results become visibly noticeable. Injections of HGH work faster than releaser supplements, sometimes up to two or three times faster, but there are disadvantages to injections: It's an uncomfortable, expensive procedure that has potentially harmful side effects. For these reasons, most people prefer to take an HGH releaser instead, which is safe and much more affordable.

Now for the next question: does HGH releaser pose negative side effects? The answer is purely and simply NO. HGH supplements only work to stimulate the natural production of hormones in your body. It enhances natural body functions such that the body goes on its usual processes without being hampered.

Another reason why this is so safe, is because the body automatically stops producing HGH once it has already produced its maximum level. This means that there is no possibility of overdose, and no harmful side effects will occur provided the supplement is taken as directed.

HGH releaser supplements come in many forms today. You can freely choose from capsule, powder, tablet or oral spray. Although they work with different mechanisms, they are all relatively effective in boosting your HGH levels so you can enjoy youth for a far longer period of time.