HCG Diet Drops Eliminate The Need For Pills Or Injections

HCG diet drops are quickly becoming the hottest diet plan in the United States. They work quickly and effectively to literally melt pounds off of your body. Instead of having to take as many as 12 pills a day or going through painful injections, these diet drops are absorbed and get to work with no pain or fuss.

HCG is a hormone found naturally in both men and women. The hormone is most common in pregnant women and is actually used as a fertility drug to increase sperm count or to help women ovulate. However, it can also be used as a miracle dietary aid. Make no mistake, HCG works, and it works quickly.

When HCG was first introduced as a dietary supplement, it was often used in the form of injections. While these were very effective, the patient had to go see the doctor and have them administered. Instead of going through that very expensive treatment, they can now have the same results by merely putting a few drops under their tongue.

The HCG diet drop is a solution that is full strength HCG that has been diluted with sublingual solution. While the injections are much stronger, using the HCG drops is much safer as the dieter administers them on their own and there is much less risk. This is one of the reasons why this diet is taking off like a meteor.

As far as the actual diet strategy, the HCG drop system works very much the same as a normal HCG diet. Dieters will administer a once daily drop of HCG solution under the tongue. The dieters must then adhere to a strict low calorie diet. The low calorie intake is crucial to the success of the HCG diet. Dieters must not exceed a daily intake of five hundred calories in order to fully benefit from the diet.

The recommended time of a single cycle for HCG diet drops is no longer than 30 days. While the dieter can do the cycle again, it is best to give the body a break from the low calorie diet and recover for about a month. If they have not lost the desired weight at that point, the cycle can be repeated.

When someone is looking to get weight off over a very short period of time, there is no better method than the HCG diet, particularly the HCG diet drops. No pills and no injections, just a few drops that are easily absorbed under the tongue and that will immediately go to work. After a month, be prepared to see an incredible and new you looking back in the mirror.