Green Tea Weight Loss Tips From Cho Yung.

Green tea, a minimally oxidized version of tea made of Camellia sinensis. It originates in the country of China but largely associated with many other cultures in Asia and the Middle East. Extracts have been gaining popularity as key ingredients in skin care preparations designed to treat skin as an anti-aging compound. Green tea polyphenolic compounds have significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, and recent studies suggest that these extracts help mediate ultraviolet radiation damage.

When evaluated, the effects of a combination regimen of topical and oral supplementation on the clinical and histologic characteristics of photoaging indicate that it has a net beneficial influence on the effects of aging.

Our primary study was done with 40 women with moderate "photoaging" and these women were randomized to either a combination regimen of 10% green tea cream and 300 mg oral supplements twice-daily or a placebo regimen for 8 weeks. The participants of this study were carefully monitored and the results of their experience documented in an effort to learn the real effects on aging skin.

At the end of the study when the results were reviewed, no significant differences in clinical grading were found between the treated and placebo groups, other than higher subjective scores of irritation in the treated group.

Instead of going to the green tea pills for weight loss, drinking four or more cups per day is a far more flavorful experience - and will bring the same types of health benefits overtime. Choosing a green tea isn't all about the positive aspects, however, and finding a blend that you like contributes to the experience of drinking tea regularly.