Get Your DHA and EPA From Organic Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil, known also as linseed oil, comes in various forms and uses. Organic flaxseed oil can help the human body in many ways and is certainly worth considering as a nutritional supplement.

It can help reduce inflammation, potentially reduce the risk of developing heart disease, and many other positive benefits that are directly related to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Many people claim that it can treat eczema, because of its anti-inflammatory agents.

It's important to know that there are good fats just as there are bad ones. Unfortunately, with many people battling weight issues, they're trying to cut out anything that has fat in it. What is unfortunate is that the body requires good fats. Without them, it will not function properly.

When you eat too many of them, that's when it becomes a problem. So instead of cutting them out of your diet completely, cut them out in terms of junk food, fast food, butter, and the like.

Flaxseed oil is somewhat similar to olive oil. It is said to have similar healing properties as olive oil. One of the main differences is that it is more heat sensitive, and therefore should be added at the end of the cooking process rather than the beginning.

Not all flaxseed oils are the same. The difference is in the way that the oil is created. In the normal process, mechanical presses are used to create this oil. This creates a lot of heat which produces more oil. Unfortunately, the quality of the oil is negatively affected with this procedure. The cold pressing process results in a much higher quality of oil but produces less of it.

If you want the best value for your dollar, ensure that you buy 100% certified organic. The label will have all the answers you're looking. One of those is that it has not passed its expiration date. Another is to look for the words 'cold pressed'. This will mean that the company that makes it prefers to put out less oil but of a higher-quality.

Flaxseed oil can be used in your diet in many ways. For example, it's great on salads, vegetables, and even on some bread. You'll certainly gain from the omega-3 fatty acids it has. Some say that it is helpful for those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. Consuming organic flaxseed oil can also work as a moisturizer for the skin.

Whatever you do, make sure you keep it in the refrigerator. If not, it will go bad quickly. Buy this oil in small quantities because it doesn't have a long shelf life even when placed in the refrigerator.