Get relief from the Pain of Arthritis with Solgar Celadrin.

In the fight against Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, Celadrin is a relative newcomer. With a blend from essential fatty acids that will not react with oxygen after treatment, they're soluble with water and fat. The source of the fatty acids is tallow oil from bovines. Myristic, oleic and myristoleic acids combine with five other fatty acids to create Cetyl Myristoleate, or Celadrin.

It is reported that Celadrin to have very few bad side effects. With more than 100 million Celadrin pills prescribed, there have been no reports of bad side effects. A sample that large is significant.

Celadrin, with no known side effects/bad reactions, it is said to be safe. More than 100 million Celadrin pills have been prescribed during this writing, so it is very significant to recognize that there have been no bad side effects with this kind of distribution.

Celadrin is an all-natural ingredient, which is important for those with significant medical histories or long lists of daily medications. Celadrin is believed to work by enhancing or supplementing the natural fluid pocket that exists between all healthy joints. As this fluid diminishes or erodes, the joints rub against one another, producing unbearable pain in the most severe instances. Celadrin has shown to provide relief to deep muscle and tissue injuries.

People who suffer from arthritic or painful joints report their pain to be on a similar scale to that of others who have bulging disks in their backs because the vertebrae are rubbing together causing pain when the normal fluid pocket between those vertebrae has leaked out or decreased.

You can find Celadrin in oral form or in a topical preparation. It can also be purchased in the form of oral capsule, tablets, or soft gels. Topically, it is available as a cream. Celedrin cream can provide noticeable relief from pain within 30 minutes according to some users. Celadrin is helpful in reducing inflammation according to clinical studies. Studies have also shown that Celadrin is equally effective in both oral and topical formulations, which means patients can get the same healing benefit in whatever form works best for them.

Celadrin has been shown to decrease inflammation, cushion the joint, and to promote cartilage rebuilding and rapid healing. For those suffering from joint, muscle, or tendon pain, these benefits make Celadrin well worth checking out.