Frequently Asked Questions About Colloidal Silver

There are many health remedies that come and go, but only a few of them have staying power. Those that survive the test of time are the ones that are normally the most effective as they will have been tried and tested many times over. One of those which has stayed with us is colloidal silver treatment.
If you haven't heard about colloidal silver treatment and how it helps in eliminating infections, here is some information about it and its reported benefits.

What exactly are colloids?
First of all, the term colloids refer to any kind of minute particles that are suspended and remain suspended in a liquid. Colloidal silver (or colloidal gold, in some cases) means that there are nano (very small) -particles of silver that have been produced usually electrolyticly and remain suspended in pure or distilled water. These suspensions can be very stable and can remain stable for many years.
No one knows how long it has been since colloidal minerals have been used to treat sicknesses. The first records of colloidal silver treatment being used to treat different diseases was in the 19th century however the use of silver as a bactericide probably dates back well before Christian times. Colloidal silver treatment is the most effective when treating sicknesses caused by germs or bacteria. Essentially colloidal silver treatment is much like antibiotics in the sense that it seems to very effectively kill off bacteria, virus, fungus and other microorganisms.

Another mineral often used for treatment of diseases is gold. We are all aware of how the Egyptians and the Chinese venerate gold and they believe that it, like colloidal silver treatment, is an effective therapeutic treatment. In fact, the Egyptians also believed that gold could help alleviate joint and bone damage. The ancient Romans also used to immerse themselves in gold baths to treat skin diseases.

How does colloidal silver treatment work?
One of the keys lies in the size of the particles; because the silver colloid particles are so small, the microscopic particles can pass through membranes of the body; in this case, size does really matter. Specifically if the silver colloid has been orally taken, the silver colloid can pass from the stomach into the blood stream, where it can circulate to areas of infection. Colloidal silver treatment can be used in two ways; you can drink it or can apply it to your skin if you have a skin or external surface infection or fungus such as thrush. Whichever way you choose to apply the colloidal silver treatment, it works the same way. Whenever the silver particles encounter microorganisms, it appears to disable the organism of the bacteria, perhaps by interaction with the enzymes that help them grow or reproduce. Whatever the mechanism, which is in no way elucidated at this time, the microorganism is disrupted and killed very quickly - some reports say within minutes of contact. In this way the infection is controlled and in most cases eliminated.

It must be kept in mind that colloidal silver treatment is an alternative supplement. Remember that your body is complex and it will react to different substances differently. Before introducing a new treatment method to your health regimen, always consult your physician first.