Five Homespun Ways To Survive The Common Cold

Much interest has been generated lately concerning the use of minerals that are known for ridding the body of harmful toxins that are said to cause serious illnesses. Liquid zeolite is being sold as a health supplement and has been praised for containing the means of cleansing the body in a naturally occurring manner. An antioxidant found in many fruits and nuts is ellagic acid and it is a promising element now being studied that may prove to have hugely beneficial properties that could treat extremely serious illnesses. These are all exciting to read about but there is one universally frustrating illness that will strike everyone at one time or another and that is the common cold. Let's examine a few natural ways that a person can attack the problem of a cold and in the process be a little more comfortable.

1. The most widely heard of and likely the most highly proven "cure" for the common cold is homemade chicken soup. Its soothing properties including the warmth of the chicken broth, the carbohydrates found in the noodles, and the overall comfort food flavor blend to make a classic home remedy for a person suffering from a cold. Studies have shown there really is a medically documented therapeutic result derived from eating chicken soup while exhibiting typical cold symptoms.

2. Hot tea made with either lemon, honey or ginger is a very comforting drink to sip on when feeling the discomfort of a cold. This drink not only soothes the throat but many times it opens up nasal passages and helps breathing become easier. The warmer the tea the more evident the relief it brings to a person.

3. Just plain water and citrus juices are a good choice when you have a bad cold. Water loosens up the mucous membranes and helps clear stuffy heads. It also is a natural aid to keep a person from dehydrating due to poor eating habits during the course of a cold. Citrus juices have been found to offer a healing property that can aid in a person's natural defenses against a cold. They contain large amounts of vitamin C and that has been shown to be successful in reducing the length of the common cold.

4. Steam generated from warm baths or showers can clear a stuffy head as well. This is also a wonderful way to relax sore muscles from coughing or sneezing and can be a good way to introduce the benefits of a good night's sleep.

5. Last but not least there is also the age old tonic offered to us by our Grandma and that is the hot toddy. This mixture of very hot water, whiskey and a little honey has a long history as the primary treatment for a bad cold. The mixture is known for easing the pain of sore muscles and it also induces sleep that is often hard to come by when suffering from a cold. While it is not a cure all, it does make having a cold a little more endurable and does relieve troubling cold symptoms.