Find the Best OTC Sleep Aid

If you're dealing insomnia for even just a couple of nights, then the number one thing on your mind will be how to find the best over the counter sleep aid. Fortunately, that's not something that's especially hard to do. As long as you take the time to do a little bit of research it should be no trouble at all.

One of the biggest clues you'll find to help in your search for the best over the counter sleep aid comes right from your own body. It's called melatonin, and it's a hormone that the body naturally produces. It helps to regulate our body's internal timekeeping system.

It's easy for our melatonin levels to get thrown off by a number of things. Getting too much or too little sleep, or general stress and anxiety can cause fluctuations. Fortunately, you can rebuild your melatonin levels through supplements. Available at any health food store and many pharmacies, these supplements may be what you need to get more and better sleep.

There are also other natural, sleep aid solutions available that should give you a better night's sleep. One of the commonly used and popular herbs that are used for this task is valerian root. It can help to improve sleep quality, but keep in mind that both melatonin and valerian root have not been verified to work.

If you are open to other kinds of treatments besides the natural cures, there are lots of other options for sleep aids. A lot of the other products that are available use antihistamines, which help to slow down our nervous systems and make us drowsy. These will work for most people, but you may experience excessive drowsiness.

You can choose whatever sleep aids you think would work the best for you. The natural sleep aid products may not work as well as the others, but they have fewer side effects and are overall healthier.